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Sprinkler Pop Up Irrigation, Drip And Soaker Hoses

Sprinkler irrigation and soaker hose or tubing are some different options for watering your gardens or lawn. There are a lot of different choices for you to make when purchasing a product that will ensure the watering needs of your outdoor investment. Below is some very basic information on each of these systems.

Soaker hoses have changed over the last few years, and there are a variety of different products out on market. There are new products coming out with recycled rubber and other advanced, high tech materials. Let's take a look at a simple outdoor solution when using a soaker hose.

Soaker Hose

  • These hoses comes in a number of different sizes and lengths. They can range from 1/4", to a 1/2", to 5/8" or more in diameter. Standard lengths are 25, 50, 75, and 100 feet.

  • The purpose of the soaker hose is to save water by allowing it to disperse directly into the ground. The tiny holes in the hose or drip system slowly release water directly throughout your gardens.

  • The tubing can be run throughout an entire garden. Two hoses can be brought together by a connector. There are Y and T connectors. The hose above has a Y connector and you can direct two other hoses off this one.

  • You can put soaker tubing on a bank or slope. Do not install it vertically as the water will flow down the embankment. Put the hoses horizontally!

  • When installing the hose, loosely wrap it around a shrub or run it along side your plants. If you are doing a garden with a lot of different plants, I usually recommend the wrap around method as each plant will be watered evenly.

  • The depth you put each hose should be about four to six inches deep. Don't install below the root systems. Your goal is have the water go directly into soaking the roots.

  • Soaker hoses were not made for watering your lawn. You can use a small drip system or soaker hose for a small patch around one to three feet if you have a problem area. Sprinklers or irrigation systems work best for your lawn.

  • There are many different types of timers available. These timers vary in pricing, but are important if you are on a tight schedule or tend to forget.

  • The time of watering with a soaker hose will vary in different locations. The amount of water pressure will also determine how fast the holes are releasing moisture to the soil and plants. Check your local area for water pressure or restrictions.

  • One thing to keep in mind if you are using well water, there are a lot more minerals in well water and the holes could eventually get clogged by the mineral deposits. This is very basic information on soaker hoses and drip systems.

Irrigation Systems

There are different types of irrigation systems available to you. There are a couple of different options for you to think about when considering irrigation. Pop-up or stand up are two used for residential and commercial landscaping.

The pop-up system is becoming more popular. The pop-up or stand up is geared toward larger areas such as lawns. There is a spray head available that is used mainly in landscape garden areas with shrubs and flowers. Its spray pattern is more of a mist.

Many companies are making products available for you with easy instructions for installation. All built-in systems have spray heads that work in a circular pattern, releasing water at different intervals. The two types of sprinklers should not be put on the same irrigation system. Decide which one would work for you. If your main goal is watering your lawn, I would recommend the sprinkler head. As with the soaker hoses, a timer is a good investment.

Piping For Irrigation System

Most people opt to have irrigation systems installed by a professional. These systems are more expensive, but if it can be figured into your budget, I feel the system will pay for itself in a few years.

Most installers will have a ditch witch to dig trenches. Piping will be put into the trenches and connected to your water system.

In irrigation systems you will have a number of different zones installed. Normally, watering occurs one zone at a time. How many zones will depend on the total square feet you want to cover, along with your water pressure.

The picture shows you a trench dug out and piping installed in the ditch. In this particular picture a system was installed to feed off the lake behind the house.

Soaker and drip systems, or an irrigation with sprinkler heads or spray heads, provide you with some great options for watering your lawn and gardens. It is important to your lawn and gardens to make sure you have the proper watering systems as well as following a good watering schedule.

This investment in your outdoors can maintain healthy plants and an attractive, long lasting lawn.

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Herbee's Hot Buzzing Soaker Hoses And Timer

Herbee hopes these couple of options will make it easier for you to know which is the best sprinkler that will work for you. Whether it is irrigation, soaker hoses, or pop up sprinklers, your ultimate goal is to make sure your plants are watered properly. Check out some watering tips below.

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