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Spring Garden Preparation

Spring garden preparation is around the corner. For some geographic locations the winter is coming to a close. You begin to hear the birds in the morning. There is excitement in the air as people can see the first flowers peeping through the ground. The bland colors of the colder months are being replaced. It is time to start preparing for your landscape gardens and lawns. Like fall, taking simple steps now will potentially save time and money during the summer months. Besides your outside investment, now is also a great time to plan for your future. This hawk senses the first arrival of migrating birds and nature beginning a new season. Before long flowers will be out and trees in full bloom.

Hawk Is Waiting /
Red Geramium
Beauty This Time Of Year

Prepare For The Growing Season Ahead

  • Warmer climates with mild winters will take a little different approach to the preparation and planting phase when spring arrives. Colder climates with harsh winters will have to wait until the snow melts and the ground temperatures warm up. The basic difference is warmer climates can prepare and plant earlier in the spring.
  • Remember to work within your budget and look around for good sales or promotions.

  • The lawn mowers will be buzzing soon and it is time to prepare your lawn for the new growth of grass. Aerate your ground, fertilize, and begin a good watering schedule. In the early months the mower setting can be on a lower notch. As the days warm up toward summer, raise your mower so you won't damage your lawn. If you didn't empty the oil from your mower last fall, spring is a the time to do it.

  • Go ahead and fertilize your shrubs and trees. Plants look forward to getting fed after the colder months. Remember a slow six month nitrogen release is a good type of fertilizer to use.

  • Prep your garden the same way your would in the fall. If it is an existing bed and your plant specimens are already in the ground, touch the garden up with fresh mulch, pine straw, or add a little more of decorative stones for appearance. Add some fertilizer to your plants as this will kick up their growth schedule.

  • You are starting to get the adrenalin flowing for a new landscape project. Properly work the soil either with a tiller or other tools.

    The preparation stage is one of the most critical to ensure healthy and happy plants. There are many articles in this web site that will help you properly plan and place your new trees, shrubs or flowers.

  • Time to think about getting out any outdoor features that have been stored away during the winter months. Are you contemplating putting in a new feature but not sure what or how to do it? Today, you have many options for outdoor accents. Below you can read about some of Herbee's ideas.

Are you in the mood yet? Look at the picture below and you can realize how close you are to seeing flowers like this in your own garden.

Cluster Of Flowers
Spring is a good time if you haven't done so already, to make lists of different plant material you will install Write the date down as well as your watering schedule. Time is not always available to do this, but if there is a problem and the plant specimen is under warranty, you will be able to refer back to your notes. In the winter months many of us are tired of buying our vegetables. Now is a great time to plan your vegetable garden.

Create your gardens reflecting your own personality and for you and your families enjoyment.

Great time of year also to head on over to the spring collection of ornaments.Here is a really neat idea I like to do for an interior. Put a small artificial tree on an accent table or counter. Put your favorite ornaments around the tree. The spring collection is ideal for you to bring a little bit of the outside beauty of flowers inside. All these ornaments are original photos and will brighten up any spot in your own living space.

These are just a few basic simple tips and ideas for you to ponder as you begin a brand new garden season. Plan and create your own personal outdoor haven now, and then you will be able to enjoy the warm summertime weather.

Herbeee Sends More Landscape Insights Your Way.

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