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Spices- Beautiful Plants - Great Flavor In Foods

Spices represent a common bond around the world. The plants are grown in a variety of climates in many different geographic locations. The different stages represent the overall process or life cycle.

  1. Sowing the seeds.
  2. Maintaining the plants health
  3. Harvesting and processing

Each of these steps create a wonderful delight in both a landscape garden, kitchens and restaurants around the globe.

Herbee Greenthumb here.
Herbee Greenthumb

Glad you could join me today. My goal is to provide you with basic information about different plant specimens. Each of these plant classifications have been around for centuries in many different countries.

These plants are used for nourishment as well as medicinal purposes. Their uses have been passed down from generation to generation in so many different cultures.

Cayenne Pepper, Ginger - Nutmeg - Cloves, And Horseradish

Cayenne Pepper creates a little spark to many everyday dishes. This pepper is great color for your garden.

Ginger, Nutmeg, and Cloves are popular spices to use in meats, breads, pies, and more.

Horseradish is made from the root of the plant. Great flavor with a beef roast.

Bay Leaf, Flax, And Caraway

Bay Leaf, also known as Laurel, is native to Asia and Mediterranean countries. Great in homemade red sauce.

Flax is grown for its seeds and oil. It is considered an annual plant and mostly grown commercially.

Caraway is considered biannual. The seeds sow year after year. Herbee shares more info for you.

Mustard - Turmeric, and Leek - Shallot

Mustard, whether seeds, ground or prepared is a very popular world wide spice. Turmeric is one of the main ingredients in curry powder.

Here are two members of the onion family. Leek is milder and is native to the southern Mediterranean coast. Shallots are native to Switzerland.

Allspice, Cinnamon, and Cumin - Poppy - Sesame

Allspice is native to Jamaica, Central America, the West Indies, and Mexico. Check out this family member.

Cinnamon is another old family member. The quills or sticks come from the bark of the tree. Find out more.

Cumin, Poppy, And Sesame seeds are quite popular and are great on many culinary dishes.

Pine Nut, Dried Wood Ear Mushroom, And Star Anise

The US is the leading import country of the pine nut. Find out what countries export this spice.

The Wood Ear Dried Mushroom is popular in Thailand. Take a look at the shape of the dried mushroom.

Star Anise is a stronger tasting variety of anise. It's used a lot in cooking in India.

There are so many different ways to use these wonderful plants. A partner and complimentary family are herbs.

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