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Show And Tell - Biz Buzz In Gardening

Show and tell is Herbee's biz buzz of this site. He loves when you ask a question, and he can help you with the solution. Have you ever thought about sharing your gardens with others? You put a lot into them, so take pictures. Give others ideas to create their own masterpiece. You can connect to Herbee's facebook page, as well as tweet him.

Take a look below at these two pictures.

Garden In Atlanta - Angela, Herbees Distant Cousin On Bottlebrush

Garden In Atlanta
Butterfly On Bottlebrush

The first photo was taken in the Atlanta Georgia Botanical Gardens. As you look at the winding pathway, you can make out the mass of Crotons as well as some other sub-tropical plants. Vibrant flowers line the border, accenting the look and feel. These are gorgeous gardens with a lot to offer for everyone.

Herbee also had the opportunity to visit Balboa Park Gardens, San Diego, right next to the famous zoo. Any Botanical garden would be a great education for you and your family. Learning about different plant specimens will also give you some insight on how to plan your own gardens and landscapes.

The second picture was taken at a local nursery. The butterfly was just resting on this Bottle Brush Shrub. He was enjoying the aroma of the flower. The Bottle Brush, and also the butterfly bush, are a great ways to attract butterflies. This is how a healthy branch, leaves, and flower should look.

Here are a few samples of the questions that visitors to this site have shared. Do you have a question on one of these and need an answer?

  1. Why are the leaves on my plant turning brown or yellow?
  2. What type of plant is this?
  3. What is the proper way to prune a tree, shrub, or flowers?
  4. Low area in the yard, what are the steps to fix this?
  5. Small space, what plants would work well in this area?
  6. Grass won't grow around tree, what can be put around the tree?
  7. Landscaping around underground wires
  8. Can you show me how to transplant this shrub?

Great Additional Resource Books

Do you enjoy reading about different styles of gardens or how to do a particular landscape project? Experts guide you through several different landscape solutions.

These are great gifts for any time of the year. Read, learn, and show off your gardens to your friends and family.

This section is for all ages! It's a wonderful opportunity for you to see different plant specimens, defined garden beds, outdoor features, and more.

Feel free to get the answers to your own questions. Below is where you can begin to build new friends as well as participate in learning and helping others find their landscape solution. Time to be proud and show off what you have accomplished!

Here are a couple of examples...

Narrow Plants To Line A Driveway - By Micky

I would like to line my driveway with some sky pencil holly. I only have two feet between a retainer wall and the driveway. I do not want the roots to bother the driveway or the retainer wall. If this is not a good a good choice, do you have any other suggestions? Could I plant the holly in a container or pot? if so, what size would be best? Thanks so much.

Hi Micky,
Herbee here. Thank you for asking the question about plants to put along your narrow driveway with a retainer wall close by. The Sky Pencils could work for you. The key with the Sky Pencils is to make sure you keep them pruned, as once established the will branch out in width. You will be alright with their root systems.

You can also consider doing containers. I would recommend three or five gallon size. You can put them in decorative pots.

Another option is to take some dwarf shrubs such as a dwarf Hinoki Cypress, or Mop Cypress and plant them along the driveway. They don't grow tall and the width would be fine. The dwarf Hinoki is an evergreen and solid green in color. The Mop Cypress is a green and yellow variegated soft needle like leaf. It's great year around color for you.

If you need anymore suggestions, let me know. I hope this helps and have a great day. Thanks again Micky for asking the question. Have a great day!

Question about my Magnolia Plant

I've been given a magnolia as a present and know very little about them. I planted it in the garden earlier this year, its flowered, looking healthy enough but has just started forming what I assume are new leaves. It's only in about 6/7 places on the tips of the plant and look like bananas do on a tree, lots of small 'fingers' overlapping each other. Are these new leaves, and do I need to do anything? For example does it need feeding? More water? No idea what sort of magnolia it is. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, Herbee here from Gardening With Herbee. Thank you for asking the question on your Magnolia tree you planted. It sounds like you have done a good job with planting the tree. Flowers have emerged. The new growth you see is most likely new leaves. The new leaves form like you described. This is normal after a Magnolia has bloomed. There are different varieties of Magnolia.

I will also give you the link below that may help you with knowing more about the Magnolia. In the page you can see a bud and how it looks. I do think what you are seeing is new leaves. Magnolia needs space no matter what type of variety you have. Also, don't panic if you see leaves dropping periodically. This is normal on a Magnolia. They will turn brown when they fall to the ground. I hope this helps you and thanks again for asking the question. Feel free to ask anytime and have a great day.
Herbee - More Magnolia Information

Readers like you have a lot of questions about cedar trees dying. Find out recommendations! Another reader asked a question about what to plant around a fenced backyard? See what Herbee suggests.

The show and tell section is your communication in the world of gardens, landscapes, and plants. Enjoy!

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