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Sedum Flower And Clethra Bush

The Sedum flower and the Clethra bush may seem like a strange combination for a garden. These two plant specimens add such a unique look and have their own characteristics. Each plant is highlighted by their rich toned leaves and their flowers. Both of these specimens can grow in a wide variety of climates. They are wonderful plants for a butterfly garden.

Sedum is a very popular flower in zones three through eleven in the United States. It is considered a perennial in many regions and a hardy plant. There are many varieties available, as this plant will do well in full sun.

The Sedum specie needs well drained soil and can be drought tolerant. It actually does well if watered less than other plant specimens. The first photo below is one of my favorite varieties of this plant.


Autumn Joy

Autumn Joy Sedum



Red Carpet

Red Carpet Sedum

The Autumn Joy is spectacular in the late summer to fall. The flowers form an umbrella shape. When they bloom, their color is full of pink tones. In the fall, the flower erupts into a brilliant rose - red tone. The flowers are wonderful around a solid evergreen shrub. Autumn Joy will mature to eighteen inches high and eighteen to twenty four inches wide.

The Red Carpet or Elizabeth is a delightful addition to your landscape area. This is a smaller version of Sedum. It only matures to three to four inches in height, and will sprawl out up to twenty four inches. This makes a wonderful ground cover. The tiny red flowers appear in May and bloom throughout the summer into the fall season.

The Stonecrop - Vera Jameson has pink flowers that bloom in late summer into the fall. It is also small and will grow six to eight inches and can spread out to a foot. The pink flowers start their bloom in late spring and will continue throughout the summer months.

Another Stonecrop is the Purple Emperor, which blooms gorgeous pink to purple tone flowers in the summer. It is also small and will grow six to eight inches and can spread up to a foot. The pink flowers start their bloom in late spring and will continue throughout the summer months.


Delicate Flowers

Delicate Flowers - Clethra

Full Bush

Full Clethra

The Clethra is a deciduous bush that will create beauty in zones three through nine. The Clethra is considered an ornamental shrub and will grow in full sun to partial shade.

This specimen will mature to around five to six feet tall and about four to five feet wide. It has some similarities to the butterfly bush as once it ages, it may become leggy.

Pruning back can be done in the springtime, or in fall after flowers are done with the blossoms. Trimming this plant will ensure its health in the future.

This is a wonderful shrub to attract butterflies. The striking pink flower will begin to blossom in late July to early August and continue on through early September. The flowers also produce a wonderful aroma.

Clethra can adapt to a variety of soils, but growth will accelerate in moist to wet soil conditions.

These two specimens that have their place in so many different possible landscapes and garden. Each specie represents a wonderful new look to your outdoor area.

There are so many different flowering shrubs and blooms that produce an array of color for your gardens and landscape. Instead of planting straight into the ground, you can spruce up your outdoor space with these two different options.

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