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Rhododendrons Accented With Mountain Laurels

Ah, Rhododendrons! This is one of the most beautiful shrubs with magnificent clusters of of vibrant flowers. Accent this plant specimen with Mountain Laurels and the result is fantastic color blossoms. The southern part of the United States is full of the plant specimen throughout the late spring and summer months. The wonderful thing about the Rhododendron is it will grow well in zones four through eight. This evergreen shrub takes its time to mature. They range anywhere from three to twelve feet high and three to twelve feet wide. The Mountain Laurel also will grow well in zones four through eight.

Rhododendron Mountain Laurel Rhododendron In The Woods Deep Pink Rhododendron

The Rhodie (nickname for Rhododendron) is known in mountain areas as it grows wild. You could be riding along a country road and spot a mass of Rhodies along a hillside. Their colors range in deep and light pinks, soft whites, reds, purple and many two toned varieties.

Natural Setting With Rhododendrons Eloquent Mountain Laurels Mass Of Mountain Laurel Purple Rhododendron

The plant specimen is wonderful for giving you some privacy from an unattractive view. Consider planting them in a partial shade garden. Herbee likes to think of this shrub as a gift from nature. This is truly a place you could go relax and enjoy the beauty of nature through brilliant colored blossoms.

If your space is smaller, plant three to maybe five of them in the corner of the landscape bed. They also look great around outdoor accents such as benches, bird feeders and house.

Rose Color Rhododendron Cluster Of Rose Tone Rhododendrons Beuaty Of Rhododendrons Variety Of Mountain Laurels

In warmer climates, the afternoon sun can discolor their gracious evergreen leaves.In harsh winter the foliage could be damaged, even though the plants are considered cold hardy. Protect them against extreme cold snaps.

One of my favorite varieties is the Alpine Rose. Gorgeous shrub with vibrant pine tone flowers. There are many different varieties and one of the most popular is the Catawbience. Other durable varieties are the Nova Zembla and the English Roseum.

Rhododendron Original Photo
Take a look at this beautiful original photo. This is an original print taken in the North Carolina mountains. There are many native plants in the southeastern United States.

Our store, TK Creations is a nature store just for you. Tom and my love and plants and nature is brought out by Tom's photography. The Rhododendron can give you wonderful color in an entry way to a formal garden as well as along a pathway.

The Nova and the Zembla will do better in the colder geographic regions. The Catawbience is well known in the southern states and produces beautiful purple blossoms.

One thing to consider is the size of your area. Plan out the area keeping in mind, your end result is to be able to see these spectacular display during blooming time. Whether your do a mass or accent planting, always remember to know the maturity of all the specimens. Plan, invest now, and enjoy for years to come.

The beauty about this shrub is it has many companion species. It does wonderful around Azaleas, Oak Hydrangeas, and of course its nature companion, the Mountain Laurel. A fantastic setting is large evergreens in the back drop and a mass planting of the plant specimens in front.

If the Rhododendron grows in your climate, consider planting a mass group of these specimens or a few to give you a new and exciting look to your garden. I hope this has given you a little more perspective with these photos of the true beauty of this plant specimen.

If you haven't had a chance, after you visit the store, head on over to hiking tips for you. Great photos and information a wide variety of different hiking trails, National Parks, and more.

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