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Evening Primrose - Evening Variety

The Evening Primrose has been around for years, providing possible medicinal value for many different symptoms and diseases. This specie is one of the easiest flowers to grow. It can be germinated indoors or greenhouse, and directly into the ground. It will grow in a variety of climate zones and thrives in zones three through nine in the United States and Canada.

The specimen does particularly well in the eastern and western United States. It is native to North America. One of the first exports of this delicate pink flower was to Italy and also England. Today, many English gardens incorporate this plant throughout the landscape.

Close Up Of Evening Primrose

Close Up Primrose

The Pink Flower With Fat Albert Spruce

Primrose Flower Peeping Through Fat Albert Spruce

This flower loves full sun and sandy soil with some clay. It is very low maintenance and can be planted in a variety of different garden settings.

One of the Primrose characteristics is it does have a tendency for its seeds to scatter. The flower above is one where the seed was scattered. It made its home around a Fat Albert Spruce tree. I have grown the evening variety in my greenhouse and planted them out in different style gardens.

Over the years, the seeds have scattered and nature created a defined bed. It can take over an entire garden. It can be planted as a border but will have to be watched for spreading.

This flower is considered both a perennial and an annual, depending on the climate zone. One reason it is considered low maintenance is it can tolerate drought and humidity. The flower will also grow in pollution areas. The blossoms will emerge in the beginning in March and continue throughout the summer. In some areas it will bloom again in early fall.

Primrose Seeds Scattered

Primrose Flowers Blooming From Scatter Seeds

These little flowers emerged from scattered seeds that our friendly feathered friends found. If you have the open space, or large bed, let natural happen. If you have a defined or small area, you will want to keep these flowers in one place.

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The leaves and stems are long and narrow, and the dainty flowers will open up during the day in many areas. A unique aspect of this plant is in other areas, the flower will open up as night approaches and close around mid morning the next day.

Many studies have been continually going on for years as to the benefits in different medical conditions using the Primrose oil.

First and foremost, seek medical advice before you ingest any part of this plant or any other specimen. The oil from this plant can potentially help with symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome, lowering cholesterol, and also stabilizing blood pressure.

There is also some evidence that doses of this plant in capsule form over an extended period of time may help regenerated nerves in Multiple Sclerosis patients. MS is a complex disease, so always consult a physician before taking any capsules.

The roots are eaten in some countries in the spring months. The leaves and flowers can also be used as a garnish on a variety of dishes. The French culture loves to garnish dishes with this plant specimen.

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