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Powis Castle - Hardy Perennial or Evergreen Shrub

The Powis Castle or Wormwood is a unique perennial or evergreen shrub. There are different varieties of this plant family. The specimen is especially attractive in a rock garden, full herbal landscape, or with a group of solid color evergreen plants.

The Artemisia variety is one of the most popular. This variety was first made public in Wales at a Horticulture show in 1972. Mr. J. Hancock gave a cutting. This became a parent cross and is now known as an ornamental shrub. The Artemisia has a gorgeous silver gray tone and the soft needle like leaves can make this plant a focal point in a landscape area.

The Artemisia can only be grown through cultivation. This is a great specimen to use in a theme colored garden. The blue color tones accents pine straw, mulch, or decorative rocks. The Artemisia can mature from two to four feet high and three to six feet wide. It has a shape of a mound and should be pruned in the spring and not the fall season.

Mulched In Pine Straw

Powis Castle And Pine Straw

Native Island Powis Castle

Native Arborescens Powis Castle

Plant In Shaded Area

Shaded Area With Powis Castle

This is also a great plant to put with variegated shrubs such as a Mop Cypress or a Ruby Chinese Pizazz (Loropetalum). It can be used as a border or in mass planting. Besides the Caribbean, the Arborescens grows native in the Mediterranean region, as well as Europe and Asia. We were in awe how the beautiful mass planting accented all the other tropical plants.

We have tried a little experiment with a shaded planting in our clay based soil. We decided to see how this plant specimen would do under some large established trees with very little sunlight. As you can see from the last photo above, the two plants didn't mature well in full shade. This picture is proof that this plant variety needs full sun to a little partial shade.

Herbee's Hot Buzz Picks For Your Outdoor Pleasure

Plow & Hearth
Plow & Hearth
Plow & Hearth
Plow & Hearth

Any of these varieties are hardy and will give you a wonderful look to accent a perennial or annual flower bed. There are so many other species that compliment this plant. The Powis Castle is a wonderful perennial or evergreen shrub to consider in any of your future gardens or landscape. Below are some articles that can give you ideas for your next garden or landscape project.

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