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The Pittosporum And Yaupon Holly - Evergreen Shrubs

The Pittosporum and Yaupon Holly are two great evergreen shrubs for warmer climates, as well the beach. Both of these shrubs provide a rich green color in a variety of gardens.

The Pittosporum does well in zones eight through ten. It will survive in zone seven, but must be protected against any cold snap. Depending on the variety, it will mature anywhere from three to ten feet tall and four to fifteen feet wide. The shrub loves full sun and is very drought tolerant.

This shrub can take the spray of salt water and light reflection. It also thrives in poor, sandy soil. The flowers will produce a wonderful aroma that fills up any garden. When designing for clients, Herbee has used this specie in container gardens. Use decorative containers to create a great addition to a patio, deck, or balcony.


Mature Pittosporum
Shiny Green Pittosporum Leaves

The leaves are leathery in texture with round tips and average about three inches long.

The Wheeler dwarf is one of the most popular of this family. It grows three feet tall and four feet wide. The Wheeler makes a great foundation plant. I have also used this in rock gardens and along banks. The leaves of this dwarf have a creamy white and grayish-green tone. This is a great shrub for a decorative pot. This variety accents a larger evergreen shrub.

The Japanese Pittosporum is the largest of this family. It needs space in any garden and does well in a corner acting as a backdrop or privacy screen. The Japanese variety will mature up to ten feet tall and can spread out to fifteen feet in width.

Yaupon Holly

Close Up Of Yaupon Holly
Yaupon Holly

The Variegatta, also known as whitespot, can take a little more shade compared to other varieties. This plant will get tall so a good recommendation is along a garden edge or near an entrance.

The Yaupon Holly has a few different characteristics and also many varieties.

The Yaupon can mature anywhere from three to twenty feet high and five to twenty feet wide. It loves full sun but can take some shade during the day. This is another specimen that can take drought.

The Yaupon family will survive in zones seven through ten. This is also a great plant for a beach setting. One of Herbee's favorite plants to create a great look in a courtyard is the Weeping Yaupon. This is a tree that will mature up to fifteen to twenty feet. The branches are long and free style.

We did an experiment a few years ago with the Weeping Yaupon to see if it could take partial shade. Herbee planted it near some large Maple trees. The result was the side facing the Maples did not fill out.

The Weeping needs space and an open area to grow properly. This plant will also work well with its branches flowing down a rock bank.

Herbee Loves Susan's Book

Herbee Greenthumb
The Book Cover Of Designing Front Yards

Designing Front Yards is a must read by Susan. She goes in depth on how to create a great looking front yard. I know Susan, and she is a highly talent designer.

Her wealth of knowledge gives you a variety of options in flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Many species you will find to compliment both the Pittosporum and Yaupon Holly. Great information and wonderful resource book for you. Susan touches on tips for the right placement of plants.

In the evergreen plants section below, you will find a wide variety that will accent both the Pittosporum and Yaupon Holly. The Boxwood is also a good substitute for these two shrubs.

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