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Outdoor Features

Your gardens and landscape provide you with enjoyment and relaxation. Outdoor accessories enhance trees, flowers, and shrubs. There are many features available today.

One of your goals when doing an outside project, is to think about all aspects of the area. Properly placing your specimens is critical to the health and growth of the plants. Planning out your accessories to enhance a small or large area is important.

Front Of Beautifully Landscaped Home

This section will give you some tips, techniques and steps for a variety of different features you can use. There are a couple of ways to go about any of these projects. Consider doing it yourself. Seek advice from a professional nursery or garden center. Ask for some details on your ideas for the project.

If the task seems too big and time consuming, I recommend getting three different professionals to come and give you free estimates. Ask the professionals for a step by step on how they would do the job. Make sure they give you options for different projects or accessories. Use your own personality when deciding what outside feature you want.

Blend in the colors of the accessories with your different plants. A well balanced garden or landscape is eye catching and rewarding.

Below are some different projects for you to think about. Today budget is a major concern. You don't have to add all your features at once. As with phase planting, you can also do outside features in stages. Plan now for your next growing season.

Walkways Without Cement and Dry Rock Bed

Walkways without cement are becoming very popular today. Simple step process.

Dry rock beds can help with the flow of water. Also become a great addition to your landscape.

Decorative Retaining Wall

Build your very own retaining wall from stackable stones, cinder blocks, or rocks.

Decorative Pond, Basic Fence Installation, Simple Wood Deck

Basic steps in building your own decorative pond. Step one from laying out the foundation, to the last step of planting your aquatic plants.

Install a wooden fence and you can have instant privacy. Materials needed and simple ideas. This is a tiered fence.

A wood deck creates a nice atmosphere for your family to enjoy. The basics for building a deck.

Warm Climate Lawns, Sod Or Seed, And Rock Garden

Turf grass in warm climate are either cool or warm season grasses. The warm weather turf grass will turn a golden brown in the cooler months.

Grass Seed or Sod can be a tough choice to make. Understand the simple steps and get some tips on how to install sod or spread grass seed.

Landscaping with rocks and stone is easy to do. Follow these basic techniques, which include different plants to use for your rock garden.

Gazebo, Containers And Pots, Benches

Gazebo's are becoming very popular. The gazebo creates a great landscape feature, also a nice area to retreat from the hot summer sun.

Container gardens are very popular today. There are so many different styles and colors of decorative planters.

A bench mingled within a garden creates a warm atmosphere. Picture sitting on a bench looking at your beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Garden Borders, Rocks And Wooden Steps, And Privacy Trees

Garden borders can complete any landscape project. There are many different styles to choose from today.

Rocks and wooden steps on a slope make a great outside feature. Natural rocks can be used.

Privacy screens using trees and shrubs can create not only seclusion for you and your family, but enhance your landscape through a variety of colors and textures.

Fountains, Irrigation and Sprinklers, Outside Lighting

Fountains can create a sense of tranquility in any landscape garden. They can be professionally installed or you can do it yourself.

Sprinkler irrigation, drip and soaker hoses are options for your landscape gardens or lawn. Here is some basic information on these watering features.

Solar lights are a great outdoor feature. Some examples of different solar, wire base and tea candle lights available for you today.

Bird Feeders, Sheds, And Cold Frames

Bird Feeders can create a special place in any garden setting. There are a variety of different style bird feeders available. There is also different types of bird food for the birds in your area.

A Shed or outdoor building is a great place to plant some plants. There are many different plant specimens you can put around a shed area. Check out the different ideas for planting around your outdoor building.

A cold frame is a great inexpensive outdoor feature to build or install for you plants during the winter months.

Herbee hopes you will get some ideas and take some of these options for your own gardens and landscape. He wanted to also remind you, always plan the entire project first.

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