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Ornamental Grasses - Great Accent Options

Ornamental grasses are great accent plants in a landscape garden. Today there are more varieties being grown. Many people enjoy the look of different grasses throughout their landscape gardens, ponds, or fountains. The plants unique texture and fall and winter colors add a new dimension to any outdoor area. Another major feature of ornamental grass are their plumes. The plumes resembles large feathers and sway freely in the summer breezes. Below are eight pictures of different grasses and a brief description of each.

Black Fountain And Hameln

Black Fountain Grass
Hameln Grass

Black Fountain Grass - This ornamental grass is in the Pennisetum Family. The Black Fountain is a smaller grass and will mature anywhere from two to three feet tall and two to three feet wide. It does very well in sandy or clay soils.

Loves full sun and will grow in zones five through nine. Cut totally back in the springtime before new growth begins. The plumes are black in color and looks striking next to some solid evergreens shrubs such as Cypress or Aborvitae. Great in front of a series of privacy trees.

Hameln Grass - This is another small perennial ornamental grass and member of the Pennisetum Family. It grows two and a half feet high and two and a half feet wide. The foxtail like flowers or plumes, appear in the summer months. The Hameln loves full sun and is easy to maintain. Great grass for bordering or in mass planting. This plant will do good around low decks or patios. Great next to a Ruby Loropetalum or dark Curly Leaf Ligustrum.

Porcupine And Zebra

Porcupine Grass
Little Zebra Grass

Porcupine Grass - This is one of my favorite grasses. Another member of the Miscanthus family. Similar to the Zebra grass, but more dominant features in the two tone color foliage. The Porcupine is a perennial and grows well in zones five through nine. This is an upright grass with sideways gold bands across the long leaves. These bands look like porcupine quills and in fall red tone plumes blossom.

This grass will grow from five to eight feet high and four to eight feet wide. This is a grass that can take bog conditions. Another great accent grass and does well with any solid evergreen shrub. Standing Yews, Azaleas, or perennials will show off the grasses changes in color.

Little Zebra Ornamental Grass - Perennial grass and a member of the Miscanthus family. It will grow three to four feet high and three to three and a half feet wide. Loves the full sun and produces vibrant fuchsia color blooms in late summer and early fall. Hardy from zones five through ten. The long two tone leaves gives a striking appearance next to any solid color evergreen shrub. Stagger a Little Zebra with a couple of Globe Arborvitaes. Does really well in a container garden also.

Dwarf Fountain And Festival

Dwarf Fountain Grass
Festival Grass

Dwarf Fountain Grass - This grass is yet another member of the Pennisetum family. This dwarf grows about one to two feet tall and one foot wide. Great in zones four through nine. Loves full sun and the plumes bloom in the summer months The plumes are a rich cream color. This grass does well around decorative ponds, fountains and looks nice in on a slope or bank. Good accent plant next to a Hinoki Cypress, Indian Hawthorn or Blue Owl Juniper. A very popular plant specimen.

Festival Grass - Stunning ornamental grass. Grows well in zones eight through eleven. Will grow in zone seven but cannot take frost conditions. Bring plant in for the winter months. Can take full sun and grows in clumps. Long glossy leaves take a round shape. Beautiful tiny pink flowers bloom in late spring and summer. Will mature two to two and a half feet high and four feet wide. Wonderful plant for a planter or group planting. Accent well with variegated shrubs.

Little Bunny And Maiden

Little Bunny
Maiden Grass

Dwarf Bunny Grass - Still another member of the Pennisetum family and the smallest fountain grass. It will reach a height of eight to twelve inches tall. This grass can mature in zones five through nine. In the fall the long skinny leaves become a yellow brown tone and turning more solid brown as the colder temperatures set in. This is a perennial also and the Dwarf Bunny looks nice in a rock garden as well as in borders and edging. Small plants that will accent well with this ornamental grass are Blue Star Juniper as well as a Mop Cypress.

Maiden Grass - is a perennial and another member of the Miscanthus family. It is hardy in zones five through nine and thrives in sandy, clay or loamy soils. Birds and butterflies love its soft, long, and airy foliage. The leaves can be a solid tone or variegated. There are different varieties available of Maiden grass. It averages three and a half to five feet tall and three to four feet wide. This ornamental beauty looks great near ponds, or in a landscape bed near a pool. Mass planting or plant in front of Black Dragon Cryptomeria or Arizona Sapphire.

These pictures and descriptions are just a few of many different types of ornamental grasses for you to chose from. Even though most of them will die out in the colder months, the following spring they will reappear with new growth.

Herbee's Recommendations: Great Resource Book And Plants

A rule of thumb for pruning these plants is to trim in the springtime before the new growth starts. Many of the grasses have sharp points at the end of their long leaves. Herbee's tip is to wear gloves and if you are trimming a larger grass such as Pampas, a long sleeve shirt is advised.

Ornamental grasses can add a great accent to any landscape garden or container garden. They represent exceptional plant specimens to enjoy in your outdoor daily living.

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