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Mondo Grass - Great For Rock Gardens - Ground Cover

Mondo Grass is a wonderful evergreen plant specimen. The plant can create a versatile look with many trees, shrubs, and flowers. This specie is native to China and Japan.

Monkey Grass

Standard Mondo Grass
Close Up Mondo Grass

It is also known to many as Monkey Grass. The grass is also considered an ornamental plant. In the United States this plant grows well in zones six through ten. It thrives in light shade to full shade. This variety of grass is a favorite to many people. There are a couple of different varieties of Monkey grass. This is standard Mondo Grass and will mature up to eighteen inches in height and twelve to eighteen inches in width. A slow grower but very durable once established.

Dwarf Mondo Grass

Dwarf Mondo Grass
Close Up Dwarf Mondo Grass

The dwarf is a classic for rock gardens and accenting stepping stones. You can also plant the dwarf throughout other styles of walkways. I have used the dwarf in many different garden settings. The dwarf will only mature four to six inches tall and around six to twelve inches wide. The dwarf is a great plant to go with designing within a design. It can be planted in a straight row as a border, or spread throughout a garden.

Herbee Recommends Covering Ground

dwarf grass in mulch

The standard Monkey grass variety can enhance a larger garden. Think about this grass as an accent with some variegated evergreen species. An example is the Cypress family.

This variety can be used as a border and also in front of a back drop of ever green Arborvitaes, Pines, or Cryptomeria. The Loropetalum adds dynamite color as a complimentary tone.

The grass is accented with a little larger plant, the Blue Star Juniper. The teal color in the Blue Star gives the garden different evergreen tones.

Another option is to create a snake pattern. The pattern winds each grass plant in between shrubs and perennial flowers. Below is a picture of a newly planted small raised bed created by Herbee. There is a series of three dwarf monkey plants in a staggered style.

Rock Garden

Three Mondo Grass Plants In Rock Garden

There is also a variety called Black Monkey Grass. The Black grass will grow well in zones five through ten and has a very dark green to black long and thin leaf. Lavender flowers appear in the summertime.

Many types of ornamental grass can be planted as ground covers and in rock gardens. Another specimen is the variegated variety that does well in zones seven through ten. The leaves are cream and green. Many people will get this plant confused with Liriope.

Mondo Grass can be used in so many different outdoor settings. It's soft texture and slender leaves creates a splendid accent or focal point for your garden, walkway or rock garden. A truly great plant to consider in your landscape.

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