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Mango Fruit Native To India

The Mango has been around for centuries. Its early origin began in the southern part of Asia. India is a big grower of this fruit tree. Throughout the centuries warm climate countries began cultivating this tree. Brazil, Barbados, Dominican Republic, and later Mexico. Today, southern Florida in the United States is another area that cultivates the fruit.

Mango Tree

An amazing aspect of this particular tree is its lifespan. It can live up to 250 to 300 years. It thrives in tropical climates due to the rainy summer seasons. The dry weather after the rainy season allows the trees to flourish.

Mango trees can mature anywhere from thirty five to one hundred feet tall, and when mature, their width can sprawl out up to 100 feet. The trees can take anywhere from six to nine years to reach maturity. The root system is very deep when established.

This tree can be started from seed. The seeds are usually taken from ripe fruit. The best soil conditions are sand and some limestone. Gravel will also benefit this species. One of the critical aspects of growing this tree is the soil should be well drained. It should also be rich in nutrients but not over fertilized. The Mango also can be grafted and grown.

Yellow and red flowers will appear in mass over each tree. The fruit will be ready to pick about four to five months after the flowers have bloomed. One way growers know whether the fruit is ready for picking, is if the stem breaks off easily. This means the fruit is fully ripe.

The skin is smooth and has a rubber texture to it. It comes in many different colors. The rich flavor varieties will have yellow, red, orange or green color in the skin. Another way to tell for ripeness is to smell the stem end for its known fragrance.

There are over 1,000 different varieties of Mango available today. Other countries are also exporting this fruit such as Israel, South Africa and Australia.

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Herbee enjoys eating the fruit plain, as well as adding it to fresh grilled fish. Trout and Grouper are two of my favorites.

This fruit also provides nutritional values. It is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, and is also a good source of fiber and potassium. The Mango is becoming more popular around the world. It's wonderful to eat as a snack, or add the juice or fruit to your favorite dish.

Mango Fruit

Green Color

Green Mango

Ripe And Ready To Eat

Ripe Red Mango

The fruit should be soft to touch. If it isn't quite ripe yet, you can leave it out to soften. Once the fruit is ripe, you should eat it within a couple of days.

Herbee remembers the first time he had fresh Mango juice in the Caribbean. The flavor can be sweet, but also contains a bit of tartness to it. The juice is thick and has a soothing flavor. The fruit enhances a lot of different culinary dishes around the world. Many chefs use it in salads, pasta, and shrimp dishes.

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Herbee's Pick Of The Month

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Herbee Greenthumb

Tayberry Fruit

If you haven't tried this fruit yet and it is available in your area, go ahead and take a nice juicy bite and discover its unique flavor. Besides fruit, Herbee likes to remind people of the importance of eating their vegetables also. He believes in fun activities for children to be excited about eating carrots, peas, cucumbers, and spinach.

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