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Mandevilla, Philodendrons and Begonias

The Mandevilla is one of the most intriguing plant specimens around the world. It is native in South America and its roots are well known in Brazil. Zones nine through eleven can plant this gorgeous plant and be hardy throughout the winter months. I find it one of the most unique plant specimens.

Its wide range of climatic use allows many people to enjoy its colors and large blossoms. Zone eight requires a little more care as it will die off after the first frost. Come spring, this specie will rejuvenate, the root system will redevelop, and the leaves and flowers will return. Zone seven and lower produce hybrids and can be grown in containers. This plant also can be an indoor plant if there is adequate sunlight.

There are several varieties available today. The Mandevilla is a woody ornamental vine that produces beautiful pink, white, and red blooms. It requires sun but can take some later day shade. The Mandevilla grows great in coastal regions and is popular on trellises, fences, or natural walls. It can reach anywhere from eight to ten feet tall and two to three and a half feet wide.

The two varieties below are some of Herbee's favorites. These brilliant pink and white flowers are beautiful in full bloom and a wonderful focal point in a container garden. They also can be a great accent to a ground garden in warmer climates.

Perfect Pink Variety Of Mandevilla

Pink Mandevilla

Brilliant White Mandevilla

White Brazilian Jasmine Mandevilla

The Brazilian, or White Mandevilla, is a wonderful member of this family. It has a large trumpet shaped flower with a special touch of yellow tones in the center of the blossom. The large deep green leaves gives this plant its distinctive character.

Adding some Philodendrons to an area, will give you a complete tropical look and feel. The Philodendron for years has been considered by many as strictly an indoor plant. In cooler climates this is a wonderful container plant throughout the year. In warmer climates, planting in masses allows you to watch the large leaves sway with the warm tropical breeze.

A rule of thumb is not to let the Philodendron get below the mid fifties and shouldn't be subject to temperatures higher then 90 degrees. If it is above ninety, a good shaded area will work.

This plant specimen loves to grow underneath trees in the tropics and is a great specimen with Orchids. The Window Leaf is one of my favorites. There are two varieties, a large leaf and a smaller one. Take a look at the different sizes and shapes of each leaf.

It can be confused sometimes with a Fatsia plant, but its distinct leaf structure gives Philodendron its own identity.

A fascinating aspect of the Philodendrons is many of the adult plants do not grow from the ground in the lush rain forests. They grow from the sides of the trees.

Large Leaf Philodendron

Large Leaf Philodendron

Small Leaf Philodendron

Small Leaf Philodendron

The species purchased in cooler climates are younger hybrids from the adult species. In zones nine and ten, you can go ahead and plant the Window Leaf or another variety directly into the ground. It doesn't enjoy a wet or over moist soil and prefers a dryer setting.

The Philodendron is another plant that can be placed outside in warmer climates. Cooler climates can have the pleasure of year around Philodendrons to accent a room or to in your interior. Striking foliage!

Herbee's Hot Buzz Pics On Books, Seeds and Plants

Plants for Tropical Landscapes is a wonderful informational and resource book for you. Fred and Paul go into detail of transforming your landscape into a tropical paradise. Great value for an ideal gift for that special gardener.

Park Seed Company is one of Herbee's most trusted companies. He's used this company for years. Get some Big Red Begonia and other flower seeds. The germination rate of these seeds is great!

The Brazilian Jasmine Mandevilla is a dynamite specimen for sub-tropical locations. This is a native plant of Brazil and high humidity will allow this plant to mature quickly. Cooler climates have the option of a decorative container for this plant. Its great for indoors near sunlight, and gives year around beauty!

If you travel to Botanical Gardens, there are many indoor rain forests that have the Philodendron featured along with many Orchids and other tropical flowers. Herbee loves creating an area for a client in our zone seven using containers of Mandevillas and Philodendrons. Adding in some evergreen shrubs will ensure you color throughout the colder months. If you have these plant specimens, consider ahead of time of creating that indoor tropical look.

In the cooler zones, hanging baskets as well as planters shows the beauty of the many different colors. The Begonia will grow six inches to one and a half feet in height and the width will be about the same. Colors range from yellow, pink, purple, red, orange and white.

Red Begonia
Small Cluster Of Begonias

The leaves of the Begonia can be solid or variegated. They do well if propagated in temperatures from 70 to 75 degrees. The wonderful aspect of this plant as it also is an excellent indoor plant.

Here are two pictures of a red Begonia with a little larger leaf, and one with a mixture of tiny clusters flowers. There are so many different species of the Begonia. Some of my favorites are the Jingle Bells, Illumination, Fortune, and the Tuberosa. The Tuberosa can have double flowers and comes in a wide range of colors. If you live in the tropics or sub tropics geographical regions, planting these three varieties of species will produce a mass of different colors and textures.

There is no reason in warm and cold climates that you can't have a tropical look with a defined container garden during the summer months, and an area inside giving you that warm feeling during those long harsh winters. Imagine the Mandevilla in a container or planted along a fence or trellis. The Mandevilla, Philodendron and Begonia are great combinations for any inside or outside garden.

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