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Magnolia Trees - Spectacular White Flowers

The Magnolia is one of the most breathtaking flowering trees in mid and late spring. This specie is native to the southwest part of China. It is grown all over the world today, and especially known in Japan, Europe, and North America.

The tree does well in zones four through ten in the United States. There are different varieties available today. The tree is deciduous in many areas, but is considered broad leaf evergreen in warmer climates. This specimen can take full sun or partial shade.


Magnolia Bud

Bud And Flower

Magnolia Bud And Flower

Flower Opens

Magnolia Flower Opens

My first encounter with this beautiful plant specimen was in 1994. We were moving from the northeast to the south. We were in Greenville, South Carolina on a house hunting trip. There is so much to see in a new area. Our Realtor was bringing back to the airport, and I looked out the window and noticed this large vibrant off white flower. I couldn't believe the size of each bud and flower on one tree.

The Realtor stopped the car, got out and cut off a flower and handed it me. I was engulfed with one of the most fragrant flowers I had ever smelled. Each flower produces a rich sweet aroma. I couldn't wait to show it to Herbee!

The leaves are shiny and smooth in texture. The top part of the leaf has a delightful green tone, and the underneath has a brown color. Flowers bloom in pink, purple, and creamy white tones.

In the spring, the new leaves are slender and sometimes you can't tell the difference between a new leaf and a bud appearing. Once the temperatures warm up the buds emerges into a full and fuzzy shape. The bud will begin to open and this is when you begin to smell that wonderful aroma.

The flower is one of the most fascinating aspects of this tree. From the development of the bud, to the beginning show of the flower. That's when each flower totally opens its door for everyone to see.

Question From A Visitor

The water company plans to cut back my magnolia when laying a sewer line. Should they cut the lower branches at the trunk or a few feet out from the trunk? Will the branches grow again?

Hi, Herbee here.
Magnolia trees should be pruned in the winter months and only sections at a time. The company should prune close to the trunk and never prune branches that are close together. The main goal is not to allow too much sap to escape. If the company does a small pruning job at first your tree should be fine.


Each flower won't last long, only a few days, but the wonderful aspect of this tree is its mass amount of flowers that provide a spectacular spring and summertime show. You can take a flower, put it in some water and bring it into your home for a refreshing aroma throughout a room.

Grandiflora is one of the largest specimens of the family. It will mature up to ninety feet high, and thirty five to forty feet wide. The Little Gem is the dwarf version of the grandiflora. It will mature up to forty feet, but the leaves and flowers are a little smaller.

The Saucer variety will grow well in zones four through nine and will mature twenty to thirty feet high.

We have a Little Gem, and flowers will take a few years to appear. This can be discouraging the first couple of years, but it is truly worth the wait. It took eight years to have mass blooming.

We were hit a few years ago with a bad ice storm and the ice split the top part of the tree. The tree did repair itself and recover. The underneath part of the leaves of the Little Gem are a darker brown.

Magnolias are slow growers and take average water. Once establish, it can tolerate some drought and also a little flooding.

The Magnolia is by far one of the sweetest fragrant ornamental trees, growing in many different locations. The spring and early summer blooms provide a spectacular showing of gorgeous flowers. In the southern United States, the ornamental cherry and the Bradford Pear are the first trees to bloom. The Azalea and Dogwoods follow shortly after. Finally, the Magnolia puts on its show.

Close Up Magnolia Flower Full Open Flower

It's May when the brilliant Magnolia starts to take center stage. It creates a mass of flowers for so many people to enjoy. When this tree is done blooming, the Crepe Myrtles take us through summer and early fall. This specimen is a great addition to any landscape.

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