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The Loropetalum - Year Around Color

The Loropetalum is a wonderful evergreen shrub. There are many different varieties to choose from. This family is a very popular specimen for many variety of gardens. People love the deep green color of the leaves as well as purple and green leaves in some of the plant specimens.

Mass Of Potted Crimson Fire Loropetalum

Most of the varieties can grow fine in zones five through eight. Along a foundation, a smaller version is stunning. In an open area or large landscape bed, the larger specimens creates a sensational focal point. This shrub makes a great addition as an accent in gardens.

The entire plant family can take some shade but does like some hours of sunlight. This family can be drought tolerant once established. When first planted, use a regular watering schedule to get the roots going in the ground.

Crimson Fire - This is the smallest of the Loropetalum family. Beautiful pink tone flowers emerge in the springtime. The Crimson Fire will grow about 2 feet tall, and two to three feet wide. It's a great shrub for foundation planting.

Purple Majesty - This plant is stunning in a good sized garden bed or an open area. The branches sprawl out and there are beautiful purple - pink flowers that arrive during the spring. The Majesty will produce blooms throughout the growing season. This plant will reach six to eight feet high and four to six feet wide. It's absolutely gorgeous in front of a row of evergreen trees.

Fire Dance - The flowers in the Fire Dance have darker pink tones than the Plum Delight. It will grow four to six feet high and two to three feet wide. When the leaves are young, they have a striking deep purple tone. When they get older the leaves tend to turn green with less purple tones in them. This particular Loropetalum can also be put in a good size planter on a patio, porch or deck.

Raspberry Fringe - This is another smaller plant like the Purple Majesty. It will grow anywhere from four to six feet high and three to six feet wide. When the plant matures the leaves turn a darker green. The pink flowers appear in late March to April in the warmer climates and late April to May in the cooler regions.

Close Up Loropetalum
Deep Rich Purple Color Loropetalum
Rheingold Arborvitae And Loropetalum

Zhuzhou - Has brilliant darker colored leaves that look more like the maroon family. This shrub will grow anywhere from eight to ten feet high and six to eight feet wide. The flowers bloom throughout the year. The Zhuzhou is the largest member of this family. It may have to be pruned more frequently.

Other varieties include Daruma and Ever Red. The Ever Red has leaves that are deep Burgundy, and red flowers that appear in the spring and fall months. The Daruma can grow between 3 and 4 feet tall. The Ever Red can go 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide.

Besides the Rheingold Arborvitae, shrubs such as a Lemon Thread Cypress, Sudworth Arborvitae, or a Golden Euonymus will capture the color theme in a garden as a companion shrub.

Sizzling Pink or Burgundy can grow from six to ten feet high and about the same in width. This particular shrub changes color more often then some of the other varieties. When the Burgundy is young, the leaves are deep in both green and purple tones. When autumn approaches, the leaves tend to turn a richer red color.

Trimming Your Plant

The next set of pictures are the beginning process of pruning this group of plants. Properly pruning this shrub is very important for a healthy growth pattern.

Herbee and I usually start pruning from the bottom and work our way around. We like to keep the shrub in its natural shape. Notice how the top is left until the end. Once the top is trimmed, go back with the pruners or a sharp pair of scissors and do the final shaping.

As you can see this particular plant specimen is covering the electric meter on the outside of the house. Most of the above plants will provide great coverage of outdoor utilities and air units.

Needs Pruning Close Up Of Loropetalum Leaves Bottom Half Done Loropetalum Top Of Loropetalum Remaining Fully Pruned Loropetalum

Another option for you is the Witch Hazel - Chinese shrub family. It can reach ten feet high and produces white flowers throughout the year. Green leaves are vibrant in the spring and summer months and the leaves turn a darker color in the fall.

The Loropetalum is becoming one of the most popular and demanding shrubs on the grower's world. This plant family truly adds rich color tones to any garden or landscape area.

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