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Know Your Landscaper

You have decided to get started on your outdoor project. Know your landscaper before you begin. Herbee's most important tip: A sense of trust and sincerity. Remember, this is your outdoor investment. In your mind, have a list of thoughts and questions.

Herbee Greenthumb
  1. Did they greet you with a smile and make eye contact?
  2. Did they ask you,"what you are looking to do in this project?"
  3. Do they have a portfolio, pictures of possible trees, shrubs, and features?
  4. Are they licensed and insured? (not necessary, depending on what you are planning)
  5. Remember the P-P-P method, will they have a plan, prep, and plant phase for you?
  6. Can they do a design, or give you some guidelines on where and what to plant?
  7. Ask about previous client recommendations.
  8. Do they foresee any problem areas to be addressed?
  9. Can they give you advice on nurseries around the area?
  10. How long will the work take?
  11. What is their warranty on labor and materials?

This company or person is there for one reason, to make sure he or she can satisfy your needs with your outdoor projects. Meeting with the person and talking with them, is as important as an estimate. This is especially valuable if you are building a new home. More information below on a new construction. Get at least two estimates and maybe 3. Remember budget, but understand the cheapest estimate may not be the best. A lot of contractors will do free consultations and estimates. This is to your advantage. Use the consultation to get a feel of his or her knowledge. The companies or contractors that do designs, usually will bring a camera. Let them take pictures of your yard. I like to walk through the inside of a house. It gives me the chance to see an individuals personality and color scheme.

You should be able to get a variety of estimates if you need to. Say you are just looking for flowers around your porch and mailbox. Maybe you need advice on putting mulch or pine straw around your beds? One way is to have the company or person come for a fee consultation. This is the time you can get the tips and ideas you need. Below are some photos of finished projects.

Finished Projects

The Bank
Backyard Design
Plant Around A Tree

Foundation Landscape
Decorative Pond
Dry Rock Bed

There are a-couple different types of contractors:

  1. Do just the labor work
  2. Do just the design
  3. Will do both design and labor
Consider these factors, and get to know your landscaper. Do you have more questions or need some more tips, feel free to contact me here at Gardening With Herbee. Your outdoor investment is very important, the final decision is yours.

Herbeee Sends More Landscape Insights Your Way.

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