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Kumquat, Inkberry, Sea Grape

The Kumquat, Inkberry, and Sea Grape are very special tropical plant specimens. Herbee decided to put these three together on a page as each one has its own unique characteristics. They're all great specimens to incorporate into one garden area. There are many different varieties of plant specimens that will do well in this geographical location.

These tree specimens are considered tropical, but would work in zone seven in a container garden and brought inside during the colder months. Most of these tropical delights are considered perennial or evergreen. The warm temperatures throughout the year allows all three of these to thrive in the natural environment. Below are pictures and small descriptions of each of these plant specimens.

The Kumquat is a very popular fruit tree in the tropics. The photos below are of the Nagami variety that is native to China.

Kumquat Photos

Full Kumquat Plant
Close Up Of Kumquat

This plant loves full sun to part shade and is considered an upright. It will mature up to eight feet tall and five to six feet wide.

Kumquat does well in zones eight through ten in the United States, but also will thrive in many other tropical locations and in Europe.

In zone eight if a hard frost is expected, you can cover the tree to protect it against the cold. The leaves are a rich green color and this specimen produces blooms the first year.

Herbee remembers visiting his aunt in New Port Richey, Florida. One of the highlights was seeing the Kumquat trees in full bloom with its colorful fruit. The flowers were white and the fruit had rich orange tones.

The nectar from these blooms kept Herbee busy for hours. But what he always looked forward to was getting up in the morning and having marmalade on his toast. The marmalade was made from the fruit. One of the nice rewards of this tree is you can pick and eat the fresh fruit.

The birds love the Kumquat tree and it is also a great container plant. You can also use this specimen as an indoor plant.



The Inkberry is an evergreen plant that does well in zones ten and eleven. There is also an Inkberry Holly specie that will grow in colder climates and can take temperatures down to -15°F(-25°C). The tropical Inkberry is a very popular shrub in southern Florida.

Over the past few years Herbee has gone to Fort Myers for a week in January. He gets to view this interesting plant. The Inkberry will mature around eight to nine feet tall. The width will vary but the average is around four to six feet.

It can take full sun but will tolerate partial shade. The green leaves are shiny and provide a natural background for the vibrant off white flowers appearing in the spring. The flowers will remain on the plant throughout the summer and fall seasons.

The Inkberry is also grown in Australia and the fruit and leaves are used as a source of caffeine. This is considered an ornamental small tree and can take some drought. The Inkberry attracts butterflies, bees and birds. This is another great plant to grow in a tropical climate.

Herbee's Hot Buzz Pick Of A Great Tropical Book And Photo Of Sea Grape Shrub

Sea Grape

The Sea Grape is a tender perennial that does well in zones nine through twelve. In the warmer zones of the tropics it is considered an evergreen.

The Sea Grape will mature around eight to nine feet tall and about four to six feet wide. It is native to the tropics, as well as the tropical regions of the United States. Notice the leaves and how there are veins throughout each leaf. The red leaves are a sign of a young plant and as the specimen matures, the leaves turn a lush green color. This plant loves full sun.

Tropical sandy soil is ideal for the Sea Grape to mature. The Sea Grape is drought tolerant but it will not survive if there is a drop in temperature below freezing for an extended period of time.

This tree or shrub bears fruit at the end of the summer and the the color of the fruit has a distinct purple tone. The bark of the shrub reminds me of the smoothness of a Crepe Myrtle tree.

This is a great plant in a landscape near the ocean. It will need to be protected against any consistent strong tropical breezes. Herbee felt so fortunate to be able to see for the first time the Inkberry and Sea Grape plants. It brought back fond memories in seeing the Kumquat and all its attractive fruit.

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