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Juniper Bush Great For Different Style Gardens

The Juniper bush is a great plant family for many different landscape areas. The specimens represents a wonderful look to a bank, rock garden, or any defined landscape area. These evergreens are low maintenance shrubs with a variety of color tones and textures. The bushes do well zones two through eleven

Many terrace landscape areas have mass planting of a dwarf version. One of the best aspects of this plant family is the fact you can take a dwarf variety and create a wonderful Bonsai plant. Below is only a small sample of ten different varieties of Junipers you could put in any area. Take it away Herbee.

Blue Angelica

Blue Angelica Juniper

Blue Angelica - hardy evergreen juniper and will grow well in zones three through nine. It grows five to six feet tall and one and a half to three feet wide. This shrub is great as an accent in and around your foundation.

The Blue Angelica takes full sun and has needles with blue and green tones. Soil should be well drained and birds love to perch on its branches. Great plant next to a Viburnum, Indian Hawthorn, or Globe Arborvitae.

Sea Green

Sea Green Juniper

Sea Green - The Sea Green is a great evergreen for a hedge area. This shrub grows in well drained soil and will mature four to six feet high and four to six feet wide. It is an upright with branches that sprawl out, looking somewhat like a fountain.

This plant is also called the Chinese Juniper. Does well in full sun and in zones four through eight. Great looking with a Loropetalum, next to a Tea Olive (Osmanthus) or accenting any type of Holly shrubs.

Blue Star

Blue Star Juniper

Blue Star Juniper - evergreen low growing shrub. Grows well in zones five through nine. Likes full sun but can take shade better then other members of this family. Will grow around one foot high and can sprawl out one to to three feet.

The Blue Star tends to be a slow grower. Color is green with teal tones on the short needle like leaves. This is one of my favorite plants to incorporate next to a Mop Cypress, dwarf Hemlock, or around Carpet roses.

Blue Rug

Blue Rug Juniper

Blue Rug - The Blue Rug is a great colder climate evergreen ground cover. It will do well in zones three through eight and can take full sun and part shade. The Blue Rug grows four to six inches high and will spread out six to eight feet. The Blue Rug is also a fast growing and is also an excellent plant for rock gardens. Very hardy evergreen and great look with variegated shrubs.

Andorra Compacta

Andorra Compacta Juniper

Andorra Compacta - The Andorra Compacta is another great ground cover or foundation shrub. It does well in zones four through nine and can take full sun or partial shade. In the spring when new growth takes place, the needles are bright green. In the summertime the needles turn to a lush deep green. In the autumn the Andorra's needles turn a yellow - bronze color. This plant can be trimmed in late fall or early spring.

Procumbins Nana

Procumbins Nana Juniper

Procumbins Nana or Dwarf Japanese Juniper - This is a great low growing evergreen shrub and grows well in zones four through nine. This plant has stiff needles with an aromatic blue - green tones in the summertime. In autumn the needles will turn a slight purple color. This shrub will grow around six inches tall and can spread two feet wide. An excellent specimen for a rock garden, draping over a decorative wall. This family accents a decorative stone or brick wall. This plant does well in most any type of soil and loves full sun

Parsons Variety

Parsons Juniper

Parsons - This evergreen shrub is a very adaptable plant to most climates. It can grow in zones four through eleven. It needs full sun and does very well in an open area. Will grow two to three feet high and four to ten feet wide. The Parsons needs well drained soil and if left in too much moisture, the root system can be damaged. This Juniper is great for coastal areas as it adapts well to salt. Also good for steep banks or slopes. This is a native plant specimen of Central Asia. Another very hardy evergreen.

Green Mound

Green Mound Juniper

Green Mound - This is another great ground cover and grows great in zones four through nine. It will grow eight inches tall and sprawl out to six feet when fully matured. Needles are a bright green and a wonderful shrub to do mass planting on a hillside, retaining, wall, rock garden, or accenting a large defined landscape area. Combine this a dwarf Ruby Chinese Pizazz, (Loropetalum) Mop Cypress, or any type of Hollies.

Blue Pacific

Blue Pacific Juniper

Blue Pacific - evergreen low growing shrub. Grows well in zones five through nine. Likes full sun but can take shade better then other junipers. Great for mass planting or as a single plant specimen. Will grow around one foot high and can sprawl out five to nine feet. Its teal tones with the green color creates a wonderful look in any garden setting.

Golden Pfitzer - Coastal Juniper!

Golden Pfitzer Juniper
Golden Pfitzer - Another great ground cover as well for a hedge or wind breaker. It grows four to six feet high and three to four feet wide. Excellent shrub for sandy areas such as the coast, and can survive in clay base soil. Takes full sun but will also do well in partial shade. In the summer months the leaves are a bright yellow and green tones and in fall they turn to a bronze color.

Great shrub to use as an accent with deep rich other evergreens. The Hinoki Cypress, Dark Curly Leaf Ligustrum, and any type of flowering shrub will work well with the Pfitzer.

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