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Ideas For Landscaping When Selling A House

Are you thinking about, or trying to sell your home? There is so much on your mind and your stress level is high. Below are some simple ideas that can help you with your outdoor investment. A curb appeal and neat look is very important. When any Realtor shows a house, they look at the outside. This is the appearance your house has from the street. If you are getting ready to move, here are some simple tips and information for you. A few suggestions could help you increase the chances of selling your house quickly and to a good buyer. The excitement or sadness is setting in as you look out the window and there it is:


The first step is to walk to the road and observe your front landscape areas. There will be a variety of people who will be driving by looking at your home. The first thing anyone will notice about a home is the outside, and the landscape. What does the outside of your house look like? Is it inviting or is the appearance cluttered and out of control? Your landscape should also be discussed with your realtor.

Maybe you have only been in the house for a couple of years and are being transferred. You have owned your home for twenty five to thirty years, the children are grown, and it is time to move into a smaller house. You look outside and see overgrown shrubs, weeds, or very little mulch. Ideas for getting your landscape ready can be inexpensive. Below are a couple of popular plant options for you to get a striking curb side appeal.

Globe Arborvitae, Dwarf Hemlock, Helleri Holly

Globe Arborvitae
Dwarf Hemlock
Helleri Holly

Do you need any shrubs replaced across the front of your house? Many people looking to buy a house today do not want to put a lot of money immediately into landscaping. If you see a few shrubs that are woody or not real healthy, replace them. I recommend at least a three, five, or seven gallon container. You don't want the new shrub to be half the size of your existing ones. Add some color and put one or two variegated bushes in with solid shrubs.

Keep it simple! Some people selling will opt to replace the entire front with new plants. You don't have to go overboard. Low maintenance shrubs are the best to buy. Indian Hawthorn, any type of Holly, Blue Owl Juniper, Standing Jew, Globe Arborvitae, or a Dwarf Hemlock are just a few.

Do you have trees that need trimming? A neat overall appearance when selling a house is a must. Even if you are moving during the peak time of a plants growth, a little trim on an existing shrub or tree won't hurt it. A good idea is always cut a branch or limb at an angle. This way you will not damage any part of the tree or shrub.

Blue Owl Juniper, Indian Hawthorn, Yew

Blue Owl Juniper
White Hawthorn Flowers

Plan a head if you have a weed problem in and around any of your landscape beds. Use a safe chemical. It usually takes a good week for the weeds to die off. Areas that are low on mulch or pine straw, touch them up by applying at least two inches of either material. Fresh mulch or pine straw add a refreshing look. The new homeowner will take notice. Replace any broken outdoor features such as pavers, decorative ornaments, broken boards on fences, etc... An eye sore for anyone walking through a yard is seeing something they will have to fix once they move in.

Another ideas is to spice up a garden with some colorful annual or perennial flowers. You don't have to buy a lot. Purchase one or two trays or flats and spread them evenly throughout one garden or a few beds. Another idea is to put one or two inexpensive pots or urns of flowers on a porch, patio, or deck.

Herbee's Pic Just For You

The Homeowner's Complete Tree & Shrub Handbook: The Essential Guide to Choosing, Planting, and Maintaining Perfect Landscape Plants.

This is a great additional resource for you. Many different ideas and options. Check it out! Are there any landscape areas around your home that appear to have empty space? Take a set of three or five rocks and incorporate them into the bed. The rocks give the bed a natural look.

Check any outdoor lighting and makes sure all of the lights are working. You may have visitors in the evening.

Check your irrigation system and see if all the heads are working and pointing in the right direction. Make sure there are no leaks around any outdoor faucets.

Depending on what time of the year you are selling, make sure any bug problem is under control. People walking around your property with children won't think to highly when they return home and their children have been eaten alive by mosquitoes or other creatures.

If you are selling in the winter, make sure driveways and sidewalks are shoveled. Place a mat for boots at the doors. A nice little touch also in the winter is to put a few outside decorative lights around a couple of your evergreen trees.

White lights work well. This gives the potential buyer some extra light if viewing the house at night, and creates a nice outdoor atmosphere.(especially with snow glistening around them)

If you live in a sub-tropical or tropical region, below is a section or tropical plants. This final step is essential. Always keep your lawn and shrubs pruned and neatly trimmed. These are just a few easy ideas to follow when you begin the process of selling your house. A nice curb side appeal will draw the best customers to your door. Remember, if you do the little things to create a neat and tidy landscape, you will expect the same when you search for your own new home. One more important final idea and thought. Keep your landscape areas up to date you and will be able to look out your window and see:


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