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Honeysuckle - Invasive Vine With Brilliant Fragrant Flowers

Honeysuckle is an invasive vine. This plant family has different species. One of the most popular today is the Japanese variety. The plant is native to China and will grow in many other countries, as well as zones four through nine in the United States.

The vine can mature to thirty feet long. It thrives in wooded areas. This plant loves full sun, but can also take partial shade. It's a great specimen that has a duel purpose. One of the greatest assets is the spectacular fragrant flowers that emerge in mid spring. The flower continues to blossom until the fall season. Around dusk the blooms will open and the fragrance is at its strongest level.

Vine In The Woods

Japanese Honeysuckle
Native Honeysuckle In The Woods

In many zones you will find this plant intertwined in and around front porches, a mailbox, a decorative wall, or a trellis. It's a beautiful accent plant in these settings.

The other purpose is to help with erosion control on banks and slopes. Although it is native in woodland areas, due to its nature of being invasive, the plant can take over trees and bushes and eventually choke them out. You can grow this plant from seeds or take cuttings from the roots or stems.

It loves an acid based soil and should be watered regularly. This specimen is considered semi evergreen to evergreen in warmer climates, and deciduous in colder regions. It is also considered a low maintenance plant with few pests. Aphids will sometimes infest Honeysuckle.

Hummingbirds are especially attracted to the fragrant flowers. Bluebirds, Purple Finch, Robins, Juncos, and White Throated Sparrows are just a few other birds drawn to it. They love the seeds of this specimen. There are other varieties of this plant grown in many geographic locations.

Orange Honeysuckle does well in zones four through nine. It takes on a bright green foliage and has brilliant orange tubular flowers. The Scarlet variety grows well in zones three through eight. It produces lush red blossoms and is considered a deciduous vine. It can grow nine to twelve feet high and around ten to eleven feet wide.

Fragrant Yellow And White Flowers

Yellow And White Honeysuckle Flowers
Honeysuckle Around Trees And Bushes

The Himalayan is well known in Australia and produces striking maroon toned flowers. The blossoms open up in mid summer and create a wealth of fragrance and beauty until autumn sets in. It can mature to around seven to ten feet high, and five to eight feet wide.

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Along The Ground

The picture on the left is an area along the front right side our home, on a slight bank.

The plant climbs and almost forms a shrub or natural hedge like look. We do periodically trim some of them back. Beside these Honeysuckle vines is a native Henry Garnet.

This specie is one of the most showy flowers and incredible smelling flowers on the vines.

If you are planning to plant some of this specie, make sure you put it in an area where it will have room to spread. In zone seven where Herbee and I live it is one of the most striking vines along natural settings.

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