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Holly Plants, Vibrant Green Trees And Shrubs

Holly plants are rich colored evergreen shrubs. This plant family represents a large number of different varieties. Their planting zones can range from a cold hardy zone three to a milder climate of zone ten. The plant family also produces fine looking trees that are wonderful in full sun, but can take a little bit of shade.

The Nellie Stevens, Robin, Yaupon, and Burfordii trees are great to plant in a natural setting. I have used them in designing an already wooded area. They also can act as a back drop along a fence or outdoor structure.

The Yaupon is a favorite of many in zones seven through nine. It is noted for the beautiful red berries appearing throughout the winter months. The Yaupon will grow anywhere from three to eighteen feet high and four to eighteen feet wide. The Weeping Yaupon is wonderful in a small area and gives a garden some height. It can grow fifteen to twenty feet in height.

The Nellie Stevens will grow ten to twenty feet also, as will the Burfordii. You can plant these trees throughout different gardens on your properly, giving you a lush green color year around.

Carissa Holly
Close Up Carissa Holly Pointed Leaves

Question From Visitor On Self Seeded And Pruning As Hedge

Holly plant (self-seeded young specimens) in the garden requires to be transplanted, to form a hedge. Should I prune now (April), or wait until they achieve about two to three feet in height? Advice please.

Herbee Greenthumb

I recommend not to prune before you transplant. Any plant specimen has a chance of going into shock or some distress with a major move.

Wait to prune until the plant is well established in its new location. If you are going into the warmer season, it would be a good idea to wait until cooler temperatures set in. Once established, and the weather isn't too hot, give it a light pruning if you want. Make sure you water properly until roots have been established. Thanks for asking the question.


Japanese Helleri Holly
Soft Touch Holly

The Helleri is a wonderful shrub for filling in dead spaces. It grow three to four feet tall and three to four feet wide. It has small leaves and will compliment a variegated shrub such as a Mop Cypress or Golden Euonymus.

The Soft Touch is one of my favorites to plant throughout a landscape. The leaves are softer by nature and this plant will grow two to four feet tall and two to three feet wide. The Soft Touch is being used more and more everyday.

Many of these plant specimens are considered to be in the Chinese Holly family, such as the Burfordii, Rotunda, and Carissa.

Take the time to plan out your make over, new defined landscape bed, or any garden project you plan to do. Think about using the Holly plant with other evergreen plants. Follow the links below and check out your options.

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