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Growing Together, Issue #97
February 14, 2015

Special Addition New Name Herbee Greenthumb

Special Addition Of Growing Together Newsletter

Herbee and Kimberly here from landscape solutions for you, Growing Together Newsletter. Herbee and I are very excited to inform you that landscape solutions for you is changing its name. Herbee is honored to now announce the new name,

At the end of this February, you will still receive your monthly newsletter. The only change will be the name of the site. Herbee is buzzing so fast around me in anticipation of all the new things to come. We will meet with you in a couple of weeks.

Tip For The Month

Continue to plan for your upcoming gardens, whether it be for the warmer months ahead, or cooler months to come.

Thought For The Month

Enjoy the season you are in, and make the most of each page. Stay warm and safe for all of you in the northern hemisphere. If you are in your warmer months, grab that cool drink and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Herbee and Kimberly
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