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Growing Together, Issue # 82
November 27, 2013

Shrimp Plant, Tropical And Evergreen

Welcome to the November newsletter, Growing Together, from landscape solutions for you. As I write this small article to you today, it is a very cloudy, rainy, and cold day here in the southeastern US. Our temperatures are well below average for this time of year. I hope your weather is sunny and warm in your location.

I would like to as always, welcome our new subscribers, as well as all of you back this month. I decided to write a little information and insights, on tropical beauty, the Shrimp plant.

shrimp plant

Now don't laugh, but when I first heard about this specimen, I thought, this must be some kind of a floating or marginal plant. I picture a mass setting maybe in a bog. The Shrimp plant is a beautiful evergreen shrubs that thrives in warm climates. Here in the United States, it does well in zones nine through eleven.

If you notice in the photo, the flowers are upright, and have a tubular shape to them. The flowers are white or yellow, and appear year around. A couple of quick tips on this plant. It is low tolerant of drought, and also salt. The soil should be well drained, kept moist, and fertile. A good way to make sure your soil is fertile, is to every few years, have your soil tested. You can do this, or have a professional test it. If you are real familiar with the soil, I recommend one a year to use a good fertilizer, and more so, organic mushroom compost.

The Shrimp plant grow two to three feet in height and width. The evergreen does best if it gets full sun in the morning, and afternoon shade. You have options where to plant this specimen. Create a border, along your foundation, container garden, or bird gardens. Great plant to attract hummingbirds. The Shrimp plant also makes a great accent plant. It will compliment the Ginger and Croton plants. You can deadhead the flowers, and prune back leggy branches. This is a great addition to your garden. If you live in a colder climate, and have inside space, think about having this specimen as a house plant. Yes, it will work inside year around. This is just a few insights on this attractive plant with stunning flowers.

Tip For The Month

This is just a quick reminder as we approach the holidays, make sure you have winterized your outdoor gardens, and properly take care of your inside plants. If your temperatures are getting warmer outside, plan now for your springtime and summer gardens. Prune what needs to be done in the spring months, and make sure your properly prepped the gardens and landscape.

As you decorate this year, think about using some live shrub branches such as pine or other evergreens. If you live in an area that has flowering plants during the cooler months, cheer yourself up by bringing in a few flowers of camellia's and putting them in water. The flowers will brighten up your day!

Thought For The Month

With this year winding down, many of you have had a happy and productive year. Others have had rough or sad times. Whatever your situation is, start to reflect back over the next month. Learn from the positive and negatives, and no matter what, make plans to make 2014 more productive and happier. I would again like to thank each of you for joining me this month. For those of you celebrating the American Thanksgiving, many blessings to you and your family. Safe travels. Everyone, have a wonderful December, and I look forward to being with you next month.

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