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Growing Together, Issue #109
January 27, 2016

Growing Together Last Newsletter

It has been about 9 years since this Growing Together newsletter was started. The newsletter started in April 2007. Many of you have been with me since the beginning. Some have joined in, and some have gone.

Herbee and I have done some soul searching, and at this time we feel it has run it's course. Gardening With Herbee will still be available for all of you to get some information you may need to help in your gardens and landscape. This has been a hard decision as we feel you have been a part of our lives over the years. I hope I have helped you in understanding more about plants and ideas for your outdoor investment. If you have any questions on plants, your gardens, or other thoughts, please feel free to contact me over at Granny's Little Folks. Below is the link. We wish each of you much happiness and good health.

Tip For The Month

If you are in the mist of winter, and snow and ice are on your trees, take the time to go out and check on them. Branches snap and crack, so you will want to remove the ice and snow if possible. If you are in the mist of summer, make sure your gardens are properly watered. Also check the leaves for insects or disease that may appear. Your garden and landscapes are an investment, and you want to have them around for years to come.
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Thought For The Month

Everyday can be a special day. We wake up each morning with new possibilities. Take each day and make the most of it. Go outside whether it is warm or cold. Embrace the natural elements. In the spring watch the buds emerge. In summer, take in the beauty of everything in bloom. In the fall, bask in the magnificent colors that surround you. Enjoy that morning sunrise, and an evening sunset. Plant you garden for enjoyment and relaxation.

Have a wonderful February, and although we are ending this newsletter, we will be thinking of each of you at the end of every month.

Herbee and Kimberly

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