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Growing Together, Issue #101
May 27, 2015

The Daylily Family Creates A Colorful Garden

Welcome to the May issue of Growing Together, here at gardening with Herbee. Herbee and I would like to welcome a new member, as well as all of you returning. We hope you had a wonderful May. This month we would like to share with you some information on a colorful family, Dayliy.

Daylily With Green Bug On Petal

Did you know that the daylily family dates way back in time.This specie originated in China. The Chinese exported these beautiful plants to England. Americans saw how beautiful and unique each

variety was. The Americans brought back these plants to brighten up their own gardens.

The daylily will grow in well drained soil. They like full sun, but in warmer climates partial shade will prevent burn out during warmer months. Herbee and I are amazed at the different varieties that have been created. Many years ago, daylilies were known to only bloom during the summer months. Today, growers have given us so many different hybrids to choose from. The flowers can emerge as early as April, and some varieties bloom well into September. We saw a last count, and now there are approximately over 25,000 or more plants to choose from.

You can grow daylilies from seed, or divide in spring or fall. There are certain specimens that can take rocky and dry climates. The Tawny variety is one of them. What is neat about the daylily you might ask? The many different specimens come in different sizes and of course colors. Daylilies can be used as a full garden bed. You plan ahead, so they start blooming in the spring, and continue on until fall. Now there is one thing to keep in mind. Dayliles are basically deciduous. The fall is a great time to prune back. This will help the specimen through the colder months. In spring your reward results with beautiful blooms for you to enjoy.

One tip for doing a complete daylily garden. If you plan on using a space just for these specimens, it is a good ideas to have evergreen shrubs around this particular garden bed. This will eliminate dead spaces in your landscape. If dead spaces bother you, consider mingling in a few evergreen shrubs with the dayliles. Whatever you decide, daylilies are a great choice to enhance the beauty of your gardens for years to come.

Tip For The Month

For many of you, the weather is heating up, which means bugs, insects, mold, fungus, and possible plant diseases. Prevent your investment from being destroyed. If you are using chemicals to keep down the infestation of weeds, please read the ingredients. Make sure it is environmentally, and safe for birds and other nature animals. You have a lot to choose from today as far as retail selling you so many different products. We are becoming more aware of potential dangerous chemicals to ruin our natural surroundings. The outdoors and nature are a beautiful gift. Protect yours today.

Thought For The Month

As Herbee. Tom and I watch our vegetable garden come to life over the last month or so, we feel grateful to have this opportunity to grow our own. Flowers are on the peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash. A wonderful way to know you are getting fresh veggies and good nutrition.

If you don't have the space, consider a small container garden with a few tomatoes, and even some herbs. Our grandson Isaiah turns two in June. Our granddaughter Blakely turns two in July. What a wonderful to share our fresh crop with these two special children. We hope to share our traditions, and pass it on to them, when they get older.

Herbee and I wish you a wonderful June. Thank you for joining us this month. We look forward to being with you again at the end of June. Have a great month, be safe, healthy, and most of all, enjoy each day!

Herbee and Kimberly

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