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Growing Together, Issue # 73
February 27, 2013

The Begonia - Vibrant Colors
For Your Garden

Welcome to the February Growing Together newsletter here at landscape solutions for you. I hope all of you had a very healthy and happy month. As always, I enjoy welcoming our new members, as well as each of you that are together each month. This month I want to talk about a very popular flower that does well in many geographical areas.

striking Begonia

The Begonia plant has been around for many years. Although this plant is considered an annual in most locations, you can have Begonias year around. There are many different varieties and colors available today. One of the biggest difference in this family is a bedding Begonia, versus a Tuberous variety.

The bedding specie is best known for its tight mounds of flowers. Fibrous, wax, and ever blooming Begonias fall into this category. This variety loves full sun. If you live in in a warm climate, protect these plants from temperatures above 90 degrees. The heat from the sun will burn out the leaves and flowers. The bedding variety comes in many different colors. White, pink, rose, and red. I love the center of each bloom. The vibrant small yellow gives these flowers their own unique look.

The Tuberous plants have a larger flower. The will flourish in morning sun and afternoon shade. The Tuberous variety has large flowers or smaller ones. The large flowers can become top heavy, and I recommend staking them if possible. Both varieties need well drained soil, and if possible, natural or organic compost. Allow the plants to dry in between watering. If this specie is watered too often, root rot may begin.

Begonias can be planted directly into the ground, or great for a container garden. I have done both, and have had good results. It is easy to germinate this plant from seeds. Germinate should be done in an environment of 75 to 80 degrees. The seeds begin to spout anywhere from 14 to 21 days after you plant. Now is a great time to think about buying some seeds and begin the process for the upcoming growing season. Feel free to check out these Begonia seeds from Burpee.

The Begonia can be a great addition to ground, container, patio, balcony, or deck garden. Great accent with evergreen shrubs, other annual or perennials flowers.

Tip For The Month

Here in the upstate of South Carolina, the buds are appearing on some of the native trees, as well as Maple and Bradford Pear. The early spring flowers are showing off their enriched colors. Yesterday, was a beautiful day. I began my germination of process of ornamental peppers, and herbs. I will continue throughout the next few weeks. No matter if you are in a cold or warmer climate, plan your gardens for the upcoming spring or autumn months. Feel free to review the steps on germinating from seed. Remember, the P-P-P method. Plan, prep, and plant your way to beautiful gardens and landscapes. Herb growing from seeds.

Thought For The Month

Do you hate the thought of spring of fall cleaning? Are you looking outside now and thinking, "yikes, look at all the yard work, or all my plants need to be put in different pots?" Inside our living space could very well have the same issues. I find the best way to conquer these massive projects, is a little bit at a time. Each day I make out a to do list, both personally and professionally. I write down the necessity items, should do, want to do, and two totally relaxing items. It doesn't matter what age you are, or what you do for a living. I have found that some days are full of work. Other days I manage to get things done inside and out of the house. My goal is to try to balance the to do list, and accomplish a little bit of both. How about you? Do you have a to do list? Great time to start one.

I have really enjoyed our getting together this month. I hope you have gotten a little insight on the Begonia. Have a wonderful March, and look forward to being with you again in a month. Happy planting!

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