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Growing Together, Issue #106
October 27, 2015

Baby Breath Plant And Flowers

Weclome to Growing Together October Newsletter from Gardening With Herbee. We hope you have had a wonderful month. We are very happy you could join us this month. Below this article is a very special announcement we have about a unique little folks.

Herbee and I would like to share some basic information this month on the plant, Baby's Breath.

baby's breath

You must of gotten or sent at one time or another, a floral arrangement. Most floral arrangements have a spray or two of tiny, and delicate white flowers. These sprays are Baby's Breath. The plant represents friendship, and why florist use sprays in their arrangements.

The Baby Breath plant is a wonderful low growing specimen. It is easy to grow, and can take full sun. It will also do well with 4 to 6 hours of sunlight. Does well is zones 4- 9, and is considered a perennial specimen, especially in warmer climates. The baby breath is annual in some colder geographic locations.

You can grow baby's breath from seed, directly in the ground. You will have a better success rate if you have well drained soil. Herbee and I recommend adding humus to your soil. The baby's breath can be tricky to propagate from cuttings. If you want to try stem cuttings, purchase a root stimulator, or root enhancer. Cover the cutting with one of these items, and put in soil. Best if you plant in warm and moist soil to start with. We would still recommend putting seeds directly into the ground. You can also start the seeds indoors or a greenhouse.

The leaves are green-blue in color. The baby's breath will mature in height, anywhere from 6-7inces, up to 3 feet. It will grow 1 to 4 feet wide. You have the option of staking this plant once it starts to mature. The delicate flowers bloom during the summer months. The flowers average only 1/8 inch wide. The colors are pink and white. One of the keys to keep your flowers blooming all summer, deadhead them. You will have continous blooms until the cooler weather sets in.

Besides cut flowers, you can plant baby's breath to fill in different beds. Herbee and I like to plant this speciman to cascade over a few rocks. Great ground cover, and also considered drought resistant. The baby's breath creates a duel purpose for you to have in a garden or spruce up a fresh floral arrangement. This plant is well worth looking into, if it grows in your climate.

Tip For The Month

This is a little tip this month of bird food. Many of you already know this. One of the ways our fine feather friends can get sick is to have wet bird food laying in their feeders. It is hard sometimes to change out food when it rains often. It can also be a stretch on a budget, with the cost of bird seed. If they predict rain in your forecast, try and cover your feeders to keep the food dry during the rain. If you can't once the rain ends, empty out the feeders. We wipe them out. There is bacteria and mold that can develop on wet bird food. Take the time to protect our birds, and also lets you have the enjoyment of all the different birds in your area.

Thought For The Month

We mentioned in the beginning of this newsletter we have an announcment. Tom and I are very excited to introduce to you, the Granny's Little Folks Collection. This is a new and unique group of simple little folks.

How many of you have memories of your grandma? How many of you are Nana's or Papa's? Granny, AKA - Kimberly, has hand painted these little folks, with all of you in mind. Tom and I cherished our family roots, and traditions. We wanted to create these little folks so you could relive your past, enjoy today, and make new memories for tomorrow.

The entire collection allows your imagination to go into the lives of the Polka Dot village, Yuletide village, Colors for Kids, and more little folks. Feel free to grab your favorite drink, sit back and browse through Granny's Little Folks collection today. Please feel free to share and like in our social media section. We would also love your feedback. BTW, Herbee is so excited to watch all these little folks come to life. ENJOY!

Granny's Little Folks

We look forward to being with you at the end of next month. Have a great November.

Herbee and Kimberly

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