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Growing Together, Issue #92
September 27, 2014

Asiatic Jasmine - Beautiful Evergreen Ground Cover

Welcome to the September issue of landscape solution's Growing Together newsletter. I would as always like to welcome our new members, as well as all of you returning. Herbee and I hope you have had a great month. This month we would like to share a very popular plant specimen, Asiatic Jasmine.

Asiatic Jasmine

How many of you have looked for a ground cover that does well in part share or entire shade? Well, here is an option for you. The Asiatic Jasmine can take part of full shade. This is a beautiful specimen that only gets to around 6 inches or so in height. The full mature width is around two to three feet.

This evergreen ground cover can grow in a variety of different soils. The plant does best in zones 7-9 here in the United States. What this means for you in other countries, it prefers a warmer climate. (ground doesn't freeze in the winter months) You may see the Asiatic Jasmine planted along the coastline, or in residential defined garden beds.

This is such an attractive plant. The leaves have a variegated look. In the spring and winter months, the leaves maintain their green appearance. In summer is where the Asiatic variety becomes the focal point. White and pink vibrant colors emerge and remain this color throughout some of the fall season. Spectacular border or in mass planting. This Jasmine specimen is very low maintenance.

The Asiatic Jasmine is a great substitute for turf grass that won't grow in shade areas. When planting, place about 2 to 3 feet apart. It usually takes around 2 years for full maturity. Once matured, the plant be pruned back some, or even mowed. The mowing or pruning will depend how you want the garden area to look.

If you have an area in the shade and can't quite figure out what plants to put in the bed. Here are some suggestions for you. There are a couple ways to plan this project. Of course this will depend on what size the garden bed is. You can consider planting in this area, Camellia's, which can take morning sun, and afternoon shade. Add a few Pieris Japonica's with them. Mix in some Hosta, and Soft Cress Mahonia. The Soft Cress will grow 3 feet high and wide. Now is where you can border the bed with the Asiatic Jasmine. Talk about an array of color.

The Asiatic Jasmine is one of the hottest sellers in Herbee and my area. People see this specimen, and have to know what it is. If you live in a climate where the ground doesn't freeze, this Jasmine variety is a fantastic option for a particular garden or landscape area.

Tip For The Month

Many of you are already seeing cooler temperatures set in. Fall clean up time is here. Get a plan of action to get your beds and landscape ready for the winter months. Start clearing away dead garden material. Go ahead and til into the ground. For established beds, now is a great time to add mulch or pine straw.

If you live in warmer climates, plan now for your spring gardens. If you live in sub-tropical to tropical climates in the northern hemisphere, plan for your winter garden. Prepare you gardens properly. Year around maintenance is the key to successful and healthy plant growth.

Thought For The Month

As I sit here looking out the window, some of the leaves of the gumball tree, and burning bushes are turning color. Even though we haven't had cold temperatures, nature itself is preparing us for the spectacular color show that is about to take place. For those of you that are seeing more brilliant colors of yellow, red, and orange leaves, take the time to go for a walk. Go pick apples, share a glass of fresh cider with a friend. If you live in a warmer climate, don't take for granted the year around color. The palm trees swaying in the wind, or a different shaped cactus plant.

Wherever your geographic location is, nature is always right in front of you to enjoy. Herbee and I hope you have a fantastic October. Stay safe and healthy. We look forward to being with you again in another month. Thanks again for being with us.

Herbee and Kimberly
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