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Growing Together, Issue # 85
February 27, 2014

American Pum Tree

Welcome to the February newsletter, Growing Together, from landscape solutions for you. As always, I want to welcome our new members, as well as all of you returning. How many of you people that live up in the northeastern US and mid west, want spring to arrive? We have had a milder February here in the southeast. For many in the southern hemisphere, summer is showing signs of a little wind down time. Still plenty of time though to enjoy your beautiful gardens and landscapes. This month I wanted to share with you a little information on the, American Plum Tree.

American Plum Tree

The American Plum is vibrant specimen. One of the unique aspects of the American Plum is its mass of white blossoms emerge in early spring, before the leaves appear. The flowers area aroma. Once the blooms die out, the leaves take over the beauty of the tree.

This variety of plum trees, produces sweet fruit. The fruit is about one inch and a little tart. It is used in preserves, jams or jellies.

The tree itself can mature 15 to 20 feet in height, and and anywhere from 15 to 23 feet in width. The American Plum is actually considered a spreading shrub. Many people opt to prune and shape the shrub into tree form. It can take some shade, but does well in full sun. It grows in zones 3 through 9. In the warmer zones of 7 , 8, and 9, it should be sheltered from direct summertime afternoon sun.

The tree does tend to have suckers that will spread. If you want to keep it in tree form, remove the suckers. This flowering and fruit bearing specimen will grow healthy in well drained soil. It can also take poorer soil conditions once established. One of the ways to use this tree form or spreading shrub is a background shrub, or screen. Consider putting in some variegated evergreens such as Mop Cypress, or even a Lemon Tread.

There are members of this family that are ornamental trees as well. The Serviceberry, Choke, and Crabapples. Two great fruit producing trees would be the Crabapple and American plum in a landscape or garden. You are also apt to see the American Plum on roadsides, near woods, and along fences. This is a definite tree I would recommend if the specie grows in your area.

Tip For The Month

February is almost over, and time if you are thinking warmer temperatures to begin seeds inside. Some of you are seeing daffodils and tulips appear out of the ground. Others are still in the mist of snow and cold. It is time to plan ahead. Plan for you vegetable gardens, redoing, or creating a new space. Is a container garden in store for you this year? If you have a small area outside or none at all, plan on re potting those indoor plants that have been in the dry heat.

For those of you in the southern hemisphere, continue to water and monitor your summer trees, flowers, and shrubs. Start thinking about the next season upon you, and what needs to be done. Whatever geographic location you are in. planning now. results in enjoyment later.

Thought For The Month

I hope each of you have had a healthy and happy month of February. Sometimes I think we all get into a rut of work, paying bills, going here and there, and visiting Facebook or other Internet social media. I for one, can get caught up in the hub bub on the Internet and business. Sometimes we have to take that step back and enjoy the moments we have each day.

As I walked downstairs from my office, I noticed how beautiful my indoor Christmas was. It started blooming a week ago,and bright blossoms are covering the plant. What a wonderful way to be greeted!

Just to update all of you on the my landscape site. I have decided to keep the name landscape solutions for you. I am working on revitalizing the site, and making it mobile friendly. The new look will be going live soon, and also, a little surprise, as I have someone I can't wait for you to meet. I will introduce this special someone when the site goes live. Before it goes up live on the Internet, I will take time to e-mail all of you so each of you have a sneak preview. How does that sound? It will take time even after the site is up live to get all pages mobile friendly. Just wanted to keep you up to date with the happenings here at landscape solutions for you.

Hope all of you have a fantastic March, and look forward to being with you again at the end of March. Stay healthy and happy!

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