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Gerber Daisies Annual Or Tender Perennial

The Gerber Daisy has vibrant colored flowers. This Daisy is considered an annual and also a tender perennial. It is native to South Africa, Europe, Asia, and sub-tropical to tropical climates in the United States. The flower specimen is one of my favorites to plant in a variety of garden settings. It is technically considered a good plant for zones nine through eleven in the United States.

Zones seven and eight can also keep this plant outside. It will die off in the fall with the first frost, and reappear in the springtime around the middle of April. This daisy will also will work in planters in spring and summer months. There are also a variety of other flowers available for planters.

Yellow, Orange, And Multi Colored Blossoms

Orange Gerber
Gerber Mixture

This daisy family can be grown from seed, but it may germinate sporadically in a garden. Colder climates are beginning to use this plant in gardens. It can be planted in the ground during the growing season, and before the first frost, dug up and put in a container for the winter months.

You can also divide the clumps to increase the volume of plants. It loves sandy soil conditions, but will survive in clay base soil. It must have well drained soil as the roots could rot if the soil becomes to soggy.

The Gerber loves full sun but can take partial shade. You have the option of planting in both lighting requirements.

Creating a tropical garden using this daisy, a few small Palms, Ginger and Fatsia, will generate a wonderful blend of colors.

The Gerber daisy will also compliment other flowers and evergreen shrubs. Ornamental grass species adds a new dimension along with this daisy.

The daisy can be incorporated in any of these simple hand drawn designs.

Some Mop Cypress, Loropetalum, Golden Euonymus and Hinoki Cypress, will create a beautiful surrounding for these Daisies.

At the bottom of the page, you can look at these shrubs in the evergreen plants section.

Also consider planting these beauties around different outdoor features. Along a trellis, around a gazebo, or along a decorative fence or wall.

Close Up Of Red And Peach Tone Gerber Daisies

Red Gerber Daisy
Close Up

Great Resource, Seeds, And Pot

Lewis and Nancy's expertise shines in this great resource book. A must read for all level of gardeners. Learn more information on color combinations. Give your landscape a bright future.

Park Seed is a highly quality product base company. Only an hour from my home, Herbee have bought from Park Seed for wholesale and retail seeds. Great germination rates. Park Seed has many different plant trials they experiment with. Great seeds at a low price.

Herbee loves to take a few of these metal containers and plant annual or perennial flowers in them. Put on deck, porch, or patio, or an interior room. Container make great gifts.

The daisies are wonderful annual or perennial flowers to plant in the ground. Also in a container garden. You have so many different flowers to choose from today. This family provides you with great accents, as well as being a cut flower. Great investment to your gardens or landscape. Other related articles you may be interested in

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