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Gazebo - A Great Feature For Your Landscape Garden

A gazebo is a wonderful addition for any landscape garden. Manufacturers are creating different styles and colors to fit individual needs. This outdoor feature can be put near a decorative pond or pool, or it can be a focal point in an informal or formal garden setting.

Herbee and I wanted to give you some ideas for planting around three different colors and styles. Prices will vary and it is a good idea if you are thinking to invest in one, to do some research at any specialty store.

Gazebo On Bank

This picture is a project getting ready for a make over. The stark white color sets this gazebo off immediately. The plants on the bank will be removed and a whole new look will emerge. Notice the existing trees close by. This is an indication of having to plant some partial shade to shade plants.

The rest of the backyard is an informal look with different outdoor features for the entire family. There is a play area with a trampoline and swings. The owners wanted to keep it looking natural but also with a small defined area near the sitting area.

An idea is to create a half moon appearance cascading down the embankment. You could do this in a tiered fashion or just stagger some plants throughout the bank. One thought is to plant some small to medium size evergreen shrubs right around the base of the gazebo. Smaller shrubs like a Dwarf Hemlock or a Blue Star Juniper would give you some different color tones.

You could also put different heights around the base. A tip is to make sure you know the mature size of the plant specimens. In the picture you can see the tree in the foreground. Define a small circular bed and add your favorite Hostas or shade perennial flowers.

Dwarf Hemlock

Dwarf Hemlock

Blue Star Juniper

Blue Star Juniper

Down the bank think about planting some Blue Pacific Juniper as well as a few dwarf ornamental grasses. Add some low growing perennial flowers. The Geranium as well as some ground covers will fill in nicely. At the base of the bank, border with some Variegated Liriope, Dwarf Mondo grass or small rocks. This will give it a very natural look.

Informal Garden by Gazebo

This sitting area is situated in a backyard. The bed circles the entire back of the yard. As you can see there are many established plants as well as other outdoor features.

The area around the gazebo is going to redone, plus, some of the old plants throughout the garden will be replaced for a new look.

The garden will have a soft gentle look to it by adding a couple of different varieties of roses around the feature. This will enhance the yellow color.

Both varieties below represent the true beauty of the Rose plant family.

Knockout Rose

Knockout Rose

Carpet Rose

Carpet Rose

The Knockout is becoming one of the most popular roses on the market. It requires less care and attention then other roses. The Knockout does well in zones four through nine and grows two to three feet tall. It will bloom continually from late spring on.

The Carpet Rose is one of Herbee's favorites. It can be left with no trimming and will grow naturally outward. The vibrant pink blooms start to blossom in spring and will continue their blossoms throughout the fall months. This picture of the Carpet was taken on October 21st.

The Carpet will grow well in zones five through ten. This plant also grows between two and three feet high. Plant a white Carpet Rose also for additional color. The rose would be an ideal specimen around this sitting area.

To the left is a great resource book for you. Get additional suggestions and ideas for your gardens or landscape, and this outside feature.

To the right is the final gazebo. It was installed new in a subdivision. The homeowners association decided to add this feature near the pool for families to enjoy.

They wanted the evergreen look with as little maintenance as possible.

Natural Gazebo

There are some gardeners that live in the subdivision that are willing to keep the plants watered.

One idea Herbee and I talked about was in front, about two feet from the entrance, adding two natural decorative planters. The sitting area receives quite a bit of sun, so some Dianthus or Verbena would look great in the planters. Add some sprigs of ivy to give it a natural look.





Around the sitting area, think about putting some defined color evergreen shrubs such as Mop Cypress, Crimson Fire Loropetalum, Globe Arborvitae, Yew, or Indian Hawthorn. Any of these shrubs will accent this feature. Stay within the theme of other colors in the subdivision.

These are just three examples to give you different ideas to think about when considering a gazebo for your landscape.

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