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Garden Projects

Everyone loves to look at some type of landscape. Garden projects showing growing plants, herbs,or vegetables have been around for centuries. Today, many of us plant for enjoyment. Some of us work the land to provide vegetables for meals. Any plant material surrounded by other plants or a decorative feature, is considered a garden. One highlight to think about is putting a variety of flowers throughout your bed. Position your shrubs and flowers so you don't have a lot of dead space in the cold months. Spread evergreen shrubs out and around the tree and flowers. You can finish this bed off with mulch, pine straw or a one to two inch decorative stone. When I had my greenhouse, I had up to 5,000 seedlings germinating. Fascinating to experiment and see their growth patterns. Inexpensive way to create a mass of color and texture in your own landscape.

Gallery - Front And Side Of Homes, Formal, And Informal Garden

Gallery page shows you pictures of front and sides of some houses. Get your plans in gear today!

Formal gardens remind Herbee of the old English gardens. Pathways lined with sculpured boxwoods or roses.

An informal garden can consists of snake patterns, open areas, and combining different plants with outdoor features.

Deck And Patio, Backyard Landscape Ideas, Vegetable Planning

Deck and patios can make a wonderful area for container or even ground gardens. Learn more about your options.

Backyard landscape ideas shows you three different home owners personality in decorating their backyards. Each one is unique.

Butterfly gardens have the potential for mass of colorful flowers and shrubs that blossoms.

Now is a great time to plan your vegetable garden. Find out ground temperatures, and when to plant what veggie.

Have you thought about doing a combination garden of vegetables, herbs, and flowers? Check out the details Herbee shares on how to create this style garden.

Herbee's favorite vegetables just for you. Start today to plan your garden. Can't you just taste those fresh veggies? Go ahead and check out the seeds from one of the best online garden companies.

Japanese Zen gardens are about mind, spirit, and nature. Rocks and water play an important role in this long lived tradition of Japan.

Lirope is a great option for bordering a garden. The Hosta plant can compliment Liriope, and other flowers and shrubs.

Decorate around the mailbox. Add vines, flowers, and a shrub. Herbee shares some photos for you.

A small winter garden that consists of panies and a couple of shrubs. Bring sunshine to your cold weather.

Bulbs planted in the spring or fall turn into stunning plants to accent your landscape.

Rose gardens can produce some of the most beautiful aroma for your landscape area. The Carpet Rose is one of Herbee's favorites.

Close Up Of Fatsia

Shade Garden Plans provide you with some options for areas in your front, side, or backyard that doesn't get much or any sunlight.

Hot news flash! Vertical gardens are becoming very popular. Check out these photos. Vertical planting at its best.

A reminder, before you start any project the plan, prep, plant method is critical for the success of what you want to accomplish. Your outside is an important part of your overall investment. Take the necessary steps to make sure you have invested wisely.

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