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Gallery Of Plants Front Yard And Sides

Gallery of plants for around your house gives you some options to landscape around the foundation and yard. Herbee wants to share some pictures of each area for you.

In all the photos on this page, notice the different personalities in each home owner. Your goal is to take your personality and create landscapes and gardens you can relax and enjoy. This is a very important area to have some colorful trees, shrubs, and flowers. When someone drives by your home one of the first things they will notice is your landscaping and lawn.

Front Pictures Of Different Defined Landscape Beds

Shrubs Along Foundation
Crepe Myrtle Entrance

These two gallery houses are in the same subdivision. They are similar in the styles of landscape, but different shrubs in each front yard. These houses represent their own unique style and personality. Much of the landscape has been in for five or more years.

The first house has a fountain on the right hand side to add some character around the foundation. Notice on the second photo, the builder and owner opted to put a straight side walk from the street up to the front of the house, with a Crepe Myrtle on each side of the entrance. This is a great setting to do two small trees or tall shrubs on either side of the walkway. This is great curb appeal.

Both of these houses have low growing shrubs along the foundation.

Many Beds In Front Yard
Pruned Shrub Bed In Front Yard

These next two photos show some well manicured lawns and beds.

Left Side Front Yard Right Side Front Yard A Left Side Bed In Front Yard A Right Side Bed In Front Yard

These next gallery pictures are all of the same house. The entire property is very well groomed. The front of the house is tailored with well defined shrubs and also strategically placed statues and topiary bushes. The first picture is the left hand side. Notice the tree in the yard area with ground cover around it.

The right side shows the eloquent entrance way to the front steps. Pruned shrubs line along the foundation and create the look of the English style garden.

Flowers With Shrubs In Front Yard A Variety Of Plants In Front Yard Left Side Driveway Right Side Driveway

The first gallery photos here shows foundation plantings. Colorful flowers accent the evergreen shrubs. I like the window box next to the porch. There are also two decorative planters placed on either side of the base of the porch steps.

The second picture is of a bed near the walkway. Different evergreen shrubs, Elephant Ears, and colorful flowers make up this colorful bed. Start with some colorful perennial flowers.

The final two photos are of the same house above but two different areas near the driveway. The first one is a full size bed with a variety of different plant species. The trees are engulfed by full size shrubbery and delicious tones of flowers. The bed is made complete with a border of variegated Liriope.

The second picture is across from this bed on the other side of the driveway. This little garden is more sprawled out and has a very natural look. It gives the yard a open feel compared to the other full beds.

Side Of House Garden Bed Ideas

Different Plants On Side Of House Full Side Bed A Hedge Look Bed of Hostas

The first photo is of a fully mature bed full of Liriope. The plants are in bloom.This is a hedge look but the people wanted a low growing plant. They added some flowers to accent the Liriope. Notice how the front bed curves out and connects with the side bed. This is a different option for you, connecting one landscape bed to another. Of course you can have separate beds as well to have a more defined look. This adds a complete look to the property.

The second picture is the other side of this house. On this side the Liriope is just a border with a mixture of evergreen shrubs. The shrubs are broken up by two tree form Crepe Myrtles. The Crepe Myrtles are a nice break to the shrub pattern. In a side bed like this you have the option of doing all evergreens or combining both evergreen and deciduous plants. Make sure you have no dead spaces throughout the side bed.

The last two pictures in this row are plants in a row or hedge. The evergreens in the first picture gives the client year around color. The second photo is another picture of a straight row of mature Hostas. This is an established house.

New Growth In Side Bed Plants Maturing Three Years Of Maturity Small And Tall Side Bed

The above houses show side beds with shorter shrubs broken up by taller shrubs and trees. The first one has shrubs that were planted for almost three years. The homeowner didn't want big trees or shrubs. He opted for a majority of medium size bushes along with a couple of upright narrow trees. The object here was to break up the look of a hedge or row.

Another option he could have done was to incorporate a few more sizes along the side. Perennial flowers add so much to any garden or landscape. I love to incorporate annuals or perennials in a defined landscape bed along the side of a house.

Evergreens and flowering shrubs, along with colorful perennials, completes the bed. Flowers are a great option for you. In most zones, Spring and Fall are the best times to purchase flowers and herbs. Consider buying seeds, which can be germinated inside or out, depending on your climate and the time of year.

New Growth On Side Of House
Mature Plants

The final two pictures in this gallery are shots of a short side of a home. The house was new construction and in the first picture the shrubs have really started to grow.

The second is a year or two later. The edging and some accent plants have been changed. The variegated Cypress really begins to show its colors. This is also a picture that is in the related page on the process of planning and prepping of a side bed. To me, it is nice to see the growth pattern even of a smaller landscaped area.

Many different style beds can be incorporated into a front yard setting and the side beds. Herbee hopes you were able to get some suggestions you can use when planning a landscape bed in front of, or on the sides of your home.

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