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Fountains Create A Tranquil Garden

Fountains can create a sense of tranquility in any landscape garden. They are wonderful outdoor features and you can install them in any area. Today, many companies provide a wide range of sizes and shapes. Depending on your budget, there are very simple small ones, and also large four tiered water bonanza.

Your goal is to measure the area and level the ground as evenly as you can. Decide ahead of time what material you want to surround this water feature. Decorative rocks, mulch, grass, pine straw are just a few examples.

Think ahead of time about the outdoor outlet and wiring. Outside wiring is done with 120V or 220V wiring. It may depend on your geographic location and county regulations as to what voltage you can use. If you are installing this feature yourself, make sure you know the regulations as well as understand each step of doing outside wiring.

Many companies provide services for installation. If you do it yourself and aren't comfortable with installing power, hire a professional electrician to correctly put the wiring in.

Below is a very simple illustration Herbee and I did for a client a few years back. We also listed a few trees and shrubs that may be options for your climate zone. Below the drawing are some photos of products bought, and a homemade fountains. The choice is yours to make for a relaxing outside investment.

Garden Fountain Design

Simple Fountain Design

Plants And Materials

  1. Fountain
  2. Decorative Rocks
  3. Walkway
  4. Emerald Green or Green Giant Arborvitae(2)
  5. Maple - Sugar or Red -some options (1)
  6. Bird Feeders (2)
  7. Bird Bath (1)
  8. Bench (2)
  9. Planters - Pots (4)
  10. Blue Star Juniper (4)
  11. Liriope (7 or 9 on each side)
  12. Loropetalum (6)

Tip From Herbee Greenthumb

Herbee here. A little tip before we move on. Keep in mind if you live in a climate where the colder months reach below freezing:

Always turn off the water and properly prepare this feature for the winter months.

Frozen water can deteriorate the concrete material. This is also true with other materials as well as bird baths.



Round Bed With Fountain

Informal With Ornamental Grasses

Rectangle Bed With Fountain

The first picture shows you a round bed with decorative white stones surrounding the the water feature. A tiny birdbath and a figurine are wonderful accents for this small area. Notice the border stackable pavers. There is a half double layer around one side to level the bed.

The second photo is in the shape of a rectangle with rounded ends, bordered with extra bricks the owner had around his house. A few water plants in containers provide a nice accent.

Four Tier

Four Tiered Fountain

Wall Fountain

Wall Fountain

The four tiered foundation is very popular today in a main focal point area. This particular one was installed in the middle of the front yard. These are very heavy and I recommend having the professionals install it.

The second photo is a wall mounted unit on a brick exterior. This one was installed near a side door and next to the driveway. What a nice way to leave or come home from work everyday.


Homemade Fountain

Formal Colorful

Formal Colorful Fountain

The first picture is homemade. The owner took three clay pots of different sizes and stacked them on on top of each other. Surrounding the feature is decorative rocks and plants.

The second photo is one of my favorites. The reflecting water along with the constant trickling affect creates a wonderful mood to the entry of this homeowner's sidewalk. The fullness and color of the flowers compliment this small outdoor area.

Whatever your taste is for color, texture, and style, a fountain or other outside feature may be just the solution you are looking for. Herbee hopes you have enjoyed reading this page. Head on over to one of the other articles below, or to the site map. There are other ideas in store for you.

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