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Small Garden Ideas Along A Foundation

Small garden ideas for a foundation can be done with low maintenance shrubs. You can plant a variety of different colors and textures. Many clients were on a limited budget and looking for a solution to add some value to their house as well as not to empty their wallets. Below are a few steps to think about before beginning this landscape project.

Before You Start This Foundation Project

  1. Walk around the entire house and look and decide how you want to shape the beds. Are you going to plant all the way around and make a continuous bed? If you are considering this solution, think about doing it in phases. I recommend to my clients to get the front done first, sides and then along the back.

  2. Are you going to have to change the pitch from the foundation to the edge of your bed? Water should always move away from the structure of your house. If its not pitched properly, you will want to bring top soil or dirt in and raise it along the base of your house.

  3. Before purchasing any plant materials, look at the different features along the front, side, and back. You have windows, doors, a porch, and maybe a deck or patio. Decide on the size of your small trees, shrubs and flowers with the contour of your home. Know the mature size of each plant specimen, so in three to five years they won't cover a window or block an entrance way.

  4. There is always some preparation to your soil when doing any landscape or garden project. A critical phase is to properly prepare the ground.

  5. Decide on how you want to shape your beds. You can do a straight bed or make some curves such as a snake pattern outlining each bed. Also decide if you want to do the entire preparation around your house all at once or make each new bed as you go along.

    Some people like to get the prep process all done and do phase planting. Others opt to do one bed at a time. This will depend on your budget as well as length of time you have to work at it.

  6. Decide ahead of time on the different plants you want, as well as finishing the project with mulch, pine straw or decorative stone. Evergreen shrubs are very popular in foundation planting. Having that year around color gives you something to continually enjoy.

Mugo Pine, Dwarf Hemlock, Helleri Holly

Mugo Pine
Dwarf Hemlock
Helleri Holly

The Mugo Pine, Dwarf Hemlock, and Helleri Holly are evergreens and will do very well in a small space. A nice option with these evergreen shrubs, is to intermingle some perennial or annual flowers. Even consider a couple of herb plants. All of these will give you more color and texture along your foundation.

Mop Cypress, Indian Hawthorn, Ruby Chinese Pizazz

Mop Cypress
Indian Hawthorn
Ruby Chinese Pizazz

The Mop Cypress, Indian Hawthorn, and Ruby Chinese Pizazz low maintenance, evergreen plants. Many of these shrubs will grow in a variety of climate zones and work great for under windows and around different structures along your house. There are hundreds of different plants to choose from and of course your choices will depend on your geographic location.

In warmer climates where the ground doesn't freeze, you can do foundation planting year around. In colder climates spring and fall are a great time to get your shrubs or other plant specimens established. When planning this project keep in mind where the morning and afternoon sun is located. Also know the direction the front of your house is facing. Is it north, south, east or west?

Below is more detailed information that Herbee Greenthumb has provided for you on the shrubs above. Time now to plan for your small garden ideas along a foundation. Use the PPP method for your long term success.

Blue Owl Juniper Rheingold Arborvitae Cleyera Viburnum

The Blue Owl Juniper, Rheingold Arborvitae, Cleyera, and Viburnum are all a little larger shrubs. Each of these are evergreens, but will need a little more space away from the structure. All of these shrubs mentioned, have a variety of color and texture. There are many more plant specimens you can choose from. The Viburnum is a little larger shrub, but gives you color year around. White or pink flowers emerge in the late spring throughout the summer months. The Viburnum is a great plant to use as an accent along with solid and variegated evergreens.

You can use these types of plants for an entire foundation planting. The best part, you can stay within your budget. Go at your own pace, properly prepare, and be proud of the investment you can make for your small home.

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