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List Of Perennial Flowers

The list of perennial flowers shares some of the most beautiful blossoms for your gardens and landscape. There is nothing like the early spring warmth and seeing the first bloom peeking through the cold ground. Blossoms that come back every year can be planted in a group. This is also called mass planting.

One particular specimen can be used, or mix the plants by height and color tones. Combine a mixture of evergreen or deciduous shrubs with your perennial blooms. Your garden will flourish in rich color tones and textures. Below are some different pictures of perennial flowers. There are hundreds of different varieties available. You will find more seasonal blossoms and shrubs in other pages Herbee has done for you.

Dianthus, Celmatis, And Verbena


Dianthus - this plant has a variety of colors. Ranges from eighteen to twenty four inches and loves full sun. Flowers will bloom the first year and zones will vary. Most Dianthus will do well in zones three through eight.

Clematis - This picture is of a Bee's Jubilee Clematis. It grows well in zones four through nine. Beautiful blooms appear in early and late summer. Vine will grow eight to ten feet. Great for a trellis or mailbox. There are many different color of Clematis to choose from. Truly a beautiful plant specimen.

Verbena - Clusters of small flowers with a variety of colors available. Will do well in full sun. Homestead Purple is a popular type. Plants can grow anywhere from one to three feet and sprawl out to two feet. Great in zones three through nine.

Ice Plant, Foxglove, And Lamium

Ice Plant

Ice Plant - Small plant with white, pink or red flowers. Likes full sun but will do well in partial shade. Grows two to three inches tall and twelve inches wide. A great ground cover. Needs well drained soil and does well in zones five through nine.

Foxglove - Tall flowers that bloom well in full sun in northern climates, and part shade in warmer areas. Different colors create a beautiful back drop for a garden. Plants can reach three feet. Great in zones four through eight.

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Bleeding Heart And Asiatic Lily

Bleeding Heart
Asiatic Lily

Bleeding Heart - Two to three foot tall plant, growing one to three feet wide. Blossoms are pink and white. The bleeding heart needs shade and is considered a low maintenance specimen. Grows well in zones three through nine. This specimen will also look great near some Azaleas and Hostas. Consider adding a few Aucuba around these specimens. You will have great color and texture throughout your garden or landscape.

Asiatic Lily - Beautiful colors of pink, red, orange,white and yellow blooms. Can grow up to three feet tall. Can take full sun or part shade. Some plants can have ten blooms on a stem. Does well in zones three through nine. This is one of Herbee's favorite members of the Lily family. He loves to do mass planting with the Asiatic Lilies, as well as putting them near outdoor features.

Any garden will benefit by putting in colorful blooms. Many of these plant specimen can be started from seed. Feel free to contact Herbee with any questions you may have on any of the plants above, or any other perennial plant. Below are some more perennial blossoms that you can think about planting also.

Other Plants That Will Come Back.

Hollyhock --- Carnation

Deciduous Plants --- Other Flowering Ideas

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