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Ferns Ground And Container Accent Plants

Ferns are a wonderful plant family for many different style gardens, and also can be spotted in natural woods and rocky terrain. There are many different species and most will do well in zones three through nine in the United States.

This plant family is native to East Asia and especially China. They are considered an evergreen, and when mass planted provide a rich and full area in a garden. Most of the varieties are easy to grow and will adapt to different soil conditions. Many people love putting this specie in planters and containers.

The Foxtail Asparagus Fern is one of my favorites to put in a container and place in a rock garden, patio, or deck. The foxtail asparagus provides a great accent to other container or ground plants. This specimen is very affordable.

Herbee's greenhouse was home to this plant family for many friends throughout the colder winter months. The plants can also be put in a garage or sheltered area throughout the winter if your temperatures dip below freezing.

Water them periodically and they will do fine. Outside, these species thrive in an area that contains shade. Below are four different family members. Each these plants will do well in a variety of climates.


Korean Fern

Christmas Fern

Christmas Fern

The Korean variety grows well in zones five through nine. The Korean will mature anywhere from twelve to twenty inches high, and twelve to sixteen inches wide. This is one of the easiest plant to grow, and is used for its rich foliage.

The Korean is one of my favorites to incorporate in a rock garden or along a rock wall. This specie can take some sun and is popular in the Pacific Northwest. The Korean loves rich and well drained soil.

The Christmas specie is a favorite of zones three through nine. This is a great plant to grow for the beginner gardener. You can see this variety from the Rocky Mountains to Canada. It also grows well along the Atlantic down to the Gulf Coast States.

This is a wonderful specimen to plant around a series of rocks. It loves full shade but will tolerate a little sun. This variety does well in open wooded areas or right in the heart of the forests. The Christmas will grow from one to two feet tall, and one to two feet wide. It will also be a nice accent if planted in a mass setting.


Autumn Fern


Native Fern

The Autumn is a fern that has different colors throughout the year. When the Autumn has new growth the leaves appear with some pink tones. As the plant matures the fronds (or leaves) will turn a deep green. This plant will mature up to thirty inches tall and around sixteen to thirty inches wide.

The unique aspect of this variety is when the first frost arrives. The leaves turn a bronze color that will accent other fall trees and shrubs.

This plant is great with other evergreens and will work well in rock gardens and around other outdoor features.

Native varieties will vary in height and length. You can grow this variety cascading over decorative rocks in your garden. Think about your outside area. The native is fantastic for an informal, whimsical, or container gardens.

One highlight, if you visit or live near wooded or mountainous area, is to see native specimens throughout a hiking trail. Herbee loves to hike and view the native ferns that line the trails of Mount Mitchell in North Carolina.

Mount Mitchell is the highest peak east of the Mississippi in the United States. Walking the trails, you will see beautiful native trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers. Below is a site you can visit and see places where Herbee hikes to see native ferns and other specimens.

The four varieties above are just a small fraction of this plant family. The porch is a very popular place in the south to show off this specimen. You can also plant them in containers on a deck or patio for a great evergreen accent. Herbee and I love designing ferns into rock gardens or natural settings.

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