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Eucalyptus Tree, Maple And Curly Leaf Ligustrum

The Eucalyptus tree has fragrant leaves. Drying the leaves provide great mulch. This tree is well known in Central America. The trees were planted on purpose in places such as Guatemala. The reason was to try and eliminate malaria based swamps. The trees mass root system serves as a solution to drainage problems. One of the major hubs for this big tree is in Australia. The Koala bears love sitting and hanging out on the branches. These trees can reach up to 250 feet. There are hundreds of different varieties and most of them will withstand temperatures down to 25°F (-4°C).

The trunk of the tree has some blue tones and leaves are round with a teal color. New leaves tend to have a definite blue color and adult leaves turn more into a teal tone. The new leaves also are heart shaped and glossy. The adult leave is about one and three quarters inch in diameter.

There are also annual, perennial seeds or plants. I planted a group of seeds in the greenhouse a few years back. The Cinerea Eucalyptus trees can be grown from seeds. They are considered evergreen or deciduous, depending on your geographic location. The Cinerea mature to heights of fifteen to thirty feet, and five to eight feet wide Herbee planted a couple of the Cinerea variety about 10 years or so ago. He grew them from seeds germinated in the greenhouse. Normally here in the southeastern US, the Eucalyptus is an evergreen. Every once in awhile we have a cold snap with either ice or a little snow.

Herbee Greenthumb
Eucalyptus Tree

Herbee's Tip:

"Be aware the branches may topple over in ice. If the temperatures get cold enough, below 32 degrees, the leaves may turn brown. Warmer weather should turn the leaves back to their original teal tone."

The leaves provide a wonderful aroma and it is refreshing to have a vase full of fresh Eucalyptus around the house. The leaves also serve as wonderful mulch.

The mulch is sold today through different regions of the world. The dried leaves come in bags, but tend to be a little more expensive. Purchasing the bags is worth the extra the money. The leaves will provide a thick wonderful mulch to use around trees, shrubs, or flowers.

The oil from the leaves are also good for medicinal remedies. Different tinctures can be made to help with chest colds and respiratory infections. The oil is also used as a rub on a chest to clear up symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.

Drying Eucalyptus On Screen
Dried Eucalyptus

In the photos above, The first picture shows Eucalyptus drying on a screen. The second photo is the branch and leaves dried. This specimen provides a soft teal color to accent your gardens or landscape.

Maple Trees

The Maple tree is one of the most beautiful trees in the fall season. Different shades of reds, orange, and yellows turn the normal summertime pattern of green into a sea of enormous autumn splendor. There are so many varieties of this plant family around the world. These trees are known as shade or ornamental trees. There is some misconception with this as even though they are called shade trees, most of the trees can tolerate full sun. They are called shade trees as their major role is to provide shade for those warm summer days.

Bronze Maple
Red Tone Maples

Five of the most popular trees of this plant family are the Sugar, Red, Silver, Red Japanese and Norway. Of course we all know that one of the best rewards for having these trees close by is the natural sweet flavor of maple syrup.

Sugar - grows wonderful in zones three through eight. It is considered an ornamental tree and can reach heights of sixty to seven five feet. The width can range from forty to fifty feet. In spring the leaves appear in the normal green color and by fall they begin the transformation into vivid reds, orange and yellow tones. The Sugar can take sun or shade and likes the soil moist. Squirrels love to eat the seeds.

Red - The Red is considered a shade tree. It does well in zones three through nine and grows at a medium to fast pace. The Red can reach get forty to sixty feet high and thirty two feet or more wide. The fall foliage provides us with beautiful red or yellow leaves.

This variety will grow in many different soil conditions. Especially loves sandy, acid and clay base. The red will benefit from wet conditions.

Silver - This is one of the fastest growing Maple Trees. The Silver will do well in zones three is through nine and reaches fifty to eighty feet in the air. The width is thirty to forty feet. The leaves are silver tones with a splash of white or cream color. Plant the Silver away from outdoor structures such as driveways, walkways, or near foundations as it has a massive root system.

Upright Japanese Maple And Weeping Variety

Upright Japanese Maple
Weeping Japanese Maple

Red Japanese - This is a favorite in zones five through eight. Both the upright and the weeping provide spectacular rich purple tones spring through fall. The upright can reach twenty five feet high and twenty five feet wide. The Al-sir-pall-MAY-tum will grow ten feet tall and ten feet wide. The weeping will go five to six high and four to five wide. Loves the morning sun and does well if it gets some afternoon shade. Great specimen for a focal point in a landscape garden.

Norway - has a one to two foot diameter. The height can range from forty to fifty feet and can go up to ninety feet. Loves full sun but can take some shade. The fall foliage stays green or turns to a striking yellow color. Loves moist soil and is very drought tolerant as well as poor drainage areas. The Norway is one of the most adaptable trees of the plant family.

Curly Leaf Ligustrum - Entrance Way Shrub To The Eucalyptus And Maple

The Dark Curly Leaf Ligustrum is a popular small evergreen shrub. It is a dwarf member of the Ligustrum family. There are many different varieties of the Ligustrum and this plant family is known for its drought and heat tolerance. In the United States this plant family grows well in zones seven through ten. It loves sandy soil but will also do well in some clay base soil. It is very popular in Coastal regions in the deep south and Texas. The Dark Curly Leaf Ligustrum is also called, Rotundifolium.

Many of the Ligustrums will grow six to eighteen feet high and six to eight feet wide. The Curly Leaf will grow to about four feet high and two to three feet wide.

Dark Curly Leaf Ligustrum Curley Leaf Ligustrum Pruned Pruning Curly Leaf Ligustrum Angled Cut On Curly Leaf Ligustrum

Noticed the defined shape of the leaves as well as the veins. The Curly Leaf is a great accent plant. The plant specie is a slow grower. The leaves wrap around the branches in a unique fashion. The highlight of this plant is its shiny and glossy leaves. You can use this plant in entrance ways to a formal or informal garden. Putting the plant on either side allows you have a feeling of entering into your own little paradise. The dwarf also does well in containers. The containers also can accent a deck, porch or patio.

The plant over time can become leggy and a good idea if you are looking to keep a neat appearance, to prune in the spring and fall. I used a small pruner to trim this shrub. Also notice that the pruner is at an angle to cut the branch. An angle cut is the correct way to prune. Cutting straight across you could damage the plant.

The Eucalyptus, Maple trees and Curly Leaf can add color and texture to your gardens or landscape. Check out more plants and insights below. Herbee Greenthumb loves to have you buzz around his site!

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