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Neighborhood Entrance Landscaping Ideas

Neighborhood entrances landscaping ideas is here to give you some options for planting as your community enters the subdivision. You take high pride in your home. Many communities are going beyond just their own properties. Herbee calls this area, "the passageway to your home." This passage way as everyone enters, should be appealing to not only the community that lives there, but to any one passing by. Make it inviting.

Some neighborhood associations will hire out a landscaper to install the plant specimens as well as putting down mulch or pine straw. Creating your own look for your particular area can be challenging at times as each person may have a different idea of what to plant. Herbee wanted to give you a few suggestions on a few varieties of shrubs and flowers.

In today's society, most people want to have low maintenance in their home property as well as the entrances to a housing development. Creating a look using some evergreen shrubs and possibly different seasonal annual flowers can spruce the area up.

Herbee's Simple Illustration - Option #1

Entrance Way Of Subdivision
  1. This is considered the outer part of the landscaped area. Think about putting four taller shrubs there. Of course this will depend on what the back drop is such as stone, brick a basic sign or an open bed. Arborvitaes such as Holmstrub, Globe, or Rheingold are good choices. The Cypress family with the Lemon Tread or Fern Spray will also work. Steeds Holly is another good idea for the ends.

  2. Compliment the ends with a little different texture and color. The Helleri Holly, Dark Curly Leaf Ligustrum or Indian Hawthorn will give it some bright tones.

  3. Think about adding a couple of variegated shrubs towards the middle. The Mop Cypress as well as the variegated Juniper, and Golden Euonymus will definitely spice bed up.

  4. This area I consider the center and a great shrub is the Chinese Pizazz in the Loropetalum family.

    You can substitute this with an Indian Hawthorn, or Blue or Gray Owl Juniper. Most people seem to focus in on the center part of a bed. Give it some color and the sides can become accents of other shrubs and flowers plants.

  5. Go with a smaller shrub such as a Globosa Nana or Soft Touch Holly. These shrubs are also considered on the outside of the bed. This is where you want to think about balancing your entrance way. The Globosa or Soft Touch are in the front and these plants and should be smaller.

  6. A wonderful area to plant some different annuals. If you live in a warmer climate you can use the Pansies and Kale during the winter months.

    Take a look at this original kale photo on the front of a journal. A great way to keep a garden diary or records is in a journal.

    In your colder climates, plant an evergreen shrub in the front center with some annuals or perennials. Of course if you are in a tropical climate many different varieties of flowers will give you a lot of color year around. Here are a couple of varieties of Kale.

Solid And Variegated Kale

Solid Kale
Variegated Kale

There are a variety of styles in different geographic locations as well as a mixture of plant specimens you could use. These two simple illustrations are ideas for basic positioning of some shrubs and flowers. Many communities do mass plantings of shrubs and flowers. This gives the landscaped area a full appearance The angled illustration is further down on the page.

When planning an area on both sides of an entrance way, balance is the key word. Depending on your location, there may be many people that drive by daily. Your goal is low maintenance, but also to create an area of plant specimens that flow with the look of the subdivision. Here are some suggestions for this particular drawing.

Herbee's Simple Illustration - Option #2

Angled Or Sloped Entrance To Subdivision
  1. Positioning a taller shrub in the back drop will show off the height of the plant. A Blue Point Juniper, Cleyera, or Tea Olive (Osmanthus) will set the tone for this bed.

  2. A series of three shrubs fills in space as well as color. Put the three shrubs in a triangle form so everyone can see each individual plant. Go with variegated plants such as Fern Spray Cypress or the Kaleidscope Abelia. You are also creating a new texture curb side appeal. Another option is to mix it up and plant some Pampas Grass or other ornamental grasses along with a few flowering deciduous shrubs.

  3. The four plants positioned here create the outer edges of the landscape entrance way. You could also think about putting a little bit of height with these plants. A Standing Yew, Viburnum or a Hinoki Cypress are a few examples. Below is two varieties of the Viburnum species.

  4. Chinese Snowball
    Spring Bouquet Viburnum

  5. This is an area you could put some flowers. Use either annuals or perennials. There are hundred of options and of course it will depend on your climate zone. Marigolds, Petunias, Pansies, Coleus, and some Dusty Miller. They are all simple, not expensive and easy to maintain. You could also take Mondo Grass or Liriope and border each side.

  6. Rounded shrubs such as the Globe Arborvitae or Globosa Nana are two plants that come to mind for this area. You could also think about the Indian Hawthorn as well as any type of holly. Carris Hollies are very popular, but do remember they have sharp edges.

Whether you are doing this as a subdivision project or hiring out a landscaper, remember to keep a couple of factors in mind...

  • Low maintenance shrubs
  • Evergreens for year around color
  • The right look and feel for your subdivision
  • Color and Texture that fit into your sign, brick or stone

. Remember to think about the color if you have brick, stone or a sign. Accenting with flowers that compliment the hard scape will give your subdivision a great look. One of the most important aspects of entrances whether on a slope or angle, is to properly plant your trees, shrubs, and flowers. Don't plant your trees or shrubs to deep in the ground when at a slope. This is a mistake that can be made, which will lead to specimens not surviving.

Above is just a handful of plant suggestions for your entrance way. Creating your own neighborhood look and feel in landscaping is very important.

Herbeee Sends More Landscape Insights Your Way.

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