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Dogwood Tree - Breathtaking Flowers In Spring

The Dogwood tree is one of the most popular springtime flowering trees. Varieties of this plant specimen will grow well in zones four through nine in the United States This is one of America's most popular trees. The state of Virginia is proud to call this specie its state tree.

In the Southern United States, Atlanta, Georgia holds a festival every April. People take the time to admire the different varieties of massive flowers in colors of white, yellow, and pink. Each variety has its own characteristic.

Early Spring Bud And Fall Color

Dogwood Bud
Fall Leaves And Berries On Dogwood

One of the interesting aspects of this deciduous tree is the fall color. In late summer the leaves will turn different shades of red to burgundy, and berries highlight the leaves. The Dogwoods create their own beauty and compliment other trees in the autumn, such as the rich colors of Maples. It is the springtime when the varieties of Dogwoods take center stage. The entire plant family can take full sun to shade. The mature height can reach twenty feet. This will depend of the variety.

Different Dogwood Varieties

Below are a few varieties of this vibrant plant specimen.

  • Kousa - white flowers, zones five through nine. Splendid Japanese ornamental tree for your patio area. Great tree in front of a group of evergreens acting as a backdrop.
  • Satomi - gorgeous pink flowers and is a later bloomer. The Satomi is another Japanese ornamental and in the fall pink tone berries appear. Great tree in the front yard or a defined garden.
  • Snow White - is another tree with massive white blossoms that can range four to five inch flowers. Another wonderful ornamental tree as a focal point in the spring.
  • Redstone - is smaller and unique for this family. It produces yellow flowers and is one of the earliest bloomers. In the summertime,red tone berries appear and an inviting tree for many different birds. A great accent tree in a formal or informal garden setting.
  • Many of these trees will compliment the Dogwood. One of the goals I have when designing a garden or landscape is to make sure the area is balanced with color, texture, height and width. I recommend Sean's book for you.

  • Red Flowering - is an excellent specimen in a staggered row along the side of a home. The flowers appear in a rich ruby color. In the autumn the leaves turn into burgundy or crimson tone. A great specimen to plant near is the Cypress. You can read about the Cypress below.
  • Pink Flowering - very popular tree in a variety of gardens. The large pink flowers are displayed in early springtime. In the first part of the fall season brilliant red berries appear and will last throughout the winter months.

Breathtaking Flowers

Dogwood Spring Beauty
White Mass Flowering
Dogwood Flowers

Herbee Loves This Broadleaf Evergreen Book

Trees for All Seasons: Broadleaved Evergreens for Temperate Climates is a great resource book for you. Go ahead and peak inside. Great book to compliment deciduous plants, perennial and annual flowers.

The Dogwood is an exceptional tree to plant in any location on your property. It adapts well to most soil conditions, and does well if left in its natural form and not pruned. A great overall small to medium size tree.

Plant this tree in a landscape area with a mass of Azaleas, and you will have exceptional color to enjoy throughout the springtime.

For other plants to compliment this specie, check out below the picture and description section. This tree family is truly a colorful and deciduous specimen for many areas. A great time to think about planting this family is during the winter months. As soon as the temperature warms up, decide on which variety you want, and prepare to plant in the spring.

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