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Daphne Odora - Fragrant Winter Flowers

The Daphne Odora is a sensational flower that blooms in the late winter months to early spring. The Odora is native to China, Asia, Europe, Australia, and grows well in zones seven through nine in the United States.

We have put this specimen in the tropics section, and although it is considered somewhat of a sub-tropical, many other tropical plants can be incorporated into a garden with the Odora. The structure of this plant's leaves does resemble a tropical species.

Daphne Leaves

Leaves Of Daphne Odora

Odora Flowers

Fragrant Daphne Odora Flower

Notice the yellow edge around the leaves. The Daphne is a hardy evergreen but is also considered a slow grower. The Odora can take full sun to partial shade. It requires well drained soil. The Odora will mature three to four feet high, and two to four feet wide. This is truly one of my favorite wintertime plants.

One of the goals for my clients is to try and create a landscape that shows continual variety of color year around. Living in zone seven it is possible to have year around beauty. Colder climates have to adjust to the winter weather but many evergreens will keep the colder regions full of color year around.

Setsugekka Camellia

Setsugekka Camellia With Bee

Sparkling Burgundy Camellia

Sparkling Burgundy Camellia

The Camellia family is a wonderful accent to plant in a garden or landscape with an Odora. Camellias will bloom starting in the late fall throughout the cooler winter months. The Setsugekka is a delicate white flower.

This variety can easily be put in a formal setting. Creating gardens that contain a lot of different color tones will give you the sense you have your very own Botanical garden. You can read more about the Camellia, below.

The Odora is a a fantastic specie to place near a porch or deck area. The rich fragrant flowers show off their deep pink to a light pink color.

Pieris Japonica

In zone nine, the Odora should be placed in filtered sun light, due to the warm winter daytime temperatures. There are many tropical beauties that will accent well with the Odora.

Place some evergreens throughout the area with these flowering wintertime plants and your landscape is full of vibrant color tones. Another specimen that will work well with the Daphne is the Pieris Japonica.

The Odora is a spectacular wintertime plant specimen. Show this specie off in a specific garden or accent it throughout your entire landscape. The Odora will give you exceptional color and fragrance in the late winter.

When they are done blooming, spring will be in the air. The Azaleas and all the other springtime flowers will make the Daphne a wonderful wintertime memory.

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