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Cryptomeria Black Dragon

The Cryptomeria is a stunning evergreen conifer for any style garden or landscape area. The Black Dragon is a popular tree to use as a back drop or privacy area.

Full Size Cryptomeria

The Black Dragon will grow well in zones five through nine. The tree is frost hardy and thrives in full sun to partial shade.

It is a fast grower, and will mature twelve feet high and up to six feet wide. This specie loves well drained soil and will be pleased with any natural rain.

Close Up Of Cryptomeria Needles

One of the unique features of this plant family is its unique textured needles. Needle like leaves in spring are light brilliant green tones and as the temperatures warm up, the needles turn into a rich, deeper green color.

There are male (pollen) and female (seed) cones on one tree. In spring these cones release a wealth of pollen into the air.

The Cryptomeria is native to Japan and China, but many cultivators are grown all over the world. In Japan, this specimen is used for lumber, but also recognized in many historical gardens and groves.

Black Dragon with Globosa Nana and Loropetalum Chinense

There are so many different ideas for planting the Black Dragon, or any other of the varieties of this plant family. Whether you have a small or large area, consider using these three plants together.

Let's take an example of a small area where you want some privacy. Plant three Black Dragons, either staggered or a straight line. In front of the Dragons, do a semi half circle. Plant two Globosas between the first and third Black Dragon. In the middle directly behind the center Cryptomeria, put two Loropetalum shrubs.

You will have evergreens year around. The Loropetalum bush emerges with deep pink tone flowers in the spring. Talk about a colorful area. Remember, plant in odd numbers. This small area you create will give you years of enjoyment.

The Black Dragon staggered along a berm with some other evergreen trees or ornamental shrubs creates a colorful appearance. Propagation is from seed, but also can be grown from cuttings for the cultivators. The Cryptomeria family has a dwarf variety called the Globosa Nana. This is a a great choice as another option if you are planting along a foundation.

The Globosa Nana has shiny bright blue-green needles. It grows around three feet tall and two to four feet wide. Some people call this the funky shrub as the tiny leaves on slender branches have a wild look to them. You can trim back this specimen to keep it in a confined area.This dwarf will grow well in full sun or part shade. A great plant in zones five through seven.

The Black Dragon can also serve as a great wind break in a backyard setting or in a flat and open area. This specie can be used as an accent tree, or a focal point in any specific garden area.

This is a great choice if it is suitable for your geographic location. It is considered a low maintenance tree, and would be a great addition to your landscape investment.

New Growth On Black Dragon Summer Needles On Black Dragon

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