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Landscaping Commercial

Landscaping commercially with new shrubs can help create a positive work environment for business clients and personnel. What can you do with the landscaping on your grounds or outside of the building or buildings? Maybe you are just starting a new business or it's in the budget this year to replace some of those overgrown, woody shrubs.

Planting new plants or ongoing maintenance doesn't have to be an over-expense to any budget. Business landscaping is becoming a given today for appearance, and also to create a positive atmosphere for employees. Management want their personnel to take pride in their workplace.

All the same tips in this article apply for a residential home, as well as a large or small, private or commercial business. Either way, it is important to plan correctly before you begin to execute any project.

One of the first items on the agenda is to get at least three bids from landscaping companies or contractors. You don't have to go elite, and don't always decide on the cheapest bid.

Herbee's Tips To Consider

  1. Meet with the landscapers and assess the entire area. Think about planting low maintenance shrubs. Evergreen shrubs are great as they retain their color year around.

  2. Lawn maintenance and shrub care are also very important. Find out the programs from each of the landscape companies.

  3. How many times do they fertilize, spray for weeds and insects during a year? Be careful about certain companies that will put you on the schedule for weekly mowing. In the heat of the summer with no rain, grounds don't need the regimented schedule of once a week.

  4. What time of the year shrubs or trees are pruned? Plants should never be pruned during their growing periods. Most trees and shrubs are pruned in the fall or early spring. Some flowering shrubs are pruned back after blooming. These are details the contractor should know, but being aware of them will help you in making sure the plants grow and stay healthy.

  5. There are commercial landscape companies and residential companies. Many residential landscapers do excellent work in commercial jobs. Look into both types of contractors.

  6. Every company today is on a budget. If you have a large landscape area to do, don't always go with the larger plant specimens. You can opt for a smaller size, and if designed well, you'll get the same effect.

Before Business Job Started

Before Commercial Job

New Bushes Planted

New Shrubs Commercial Job

Here are a couple of pictures taken before and after at a commercial building. Notice the smaller size plants. These are three gallon containers. This job was done awhile ago, and now many of the evergreen shrubs have reach their maturity. The second photo was taken right after the shrubs were installed.

We have seen major corporations spend thousands of dollars for that instant fix. The landscape is absolutely beautiful but there is no room for growth, improvement or future changes. If you are responsible for grounds and maintenance, you know the possibility of budget cuts at any given time. Even in a small business sometimes landscape projects are put near the bottom of the list of priorities.

Make sure your contractor knows what is best suited for around the entire grounds or near the building or buildings. You will depend on this contractor as being the expert. Make sure the landscaper knows the maturity of each tree or shrub so the plants are properly placed.

Compare prices on having mulch blown, or labor laying of mulch. Also find out about the different options of mulch, pine straw or decorative stones to finish your commercial landscape project.

Detailed planning for any company landscape project is important. Understanding your options will not only please your boss and budget, it will also give personnel, as well as your clients and vendors, a good sense of overall appearance.

We have done different landscape projects for a variety of commercial companies. Whether it is lawn care, pruning shrubs and trees, new plants, or a total makeover, take the extra time to review the overall plan with your landscape contractor. Discuss any warranties on labor or plant replacement.

The extra time you spend before the project or program begins will potentially save you time and money down the road. If you are a smaller company and doing the project yourself, remember to execute the method of planning, prepping, and properly planting.

It doesn't matter if you are a small company or a large corporation, any landscape area in a commercial setting is the first thing your clients or vendors will see when they approach the property.

The outside is just as important when people come to work or leave. How nice it is when a client or vendor pulls up to a well groomed commercial setting. Whether you are a large company, or a very small one, you may opt to either hire out a landscaper or do it yourself. Plan and execute properly and your business attitude will thrive from a landscape makeover.

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