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Thank you for visiting Gardening With Herbee. This site is your ultimate resource in gardening and outdoor projects. Your outside is an important investment for you. How you plan, prep, and plant each project will result in your enjoyment for years to come.

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Comments From Visitors

Ann, New Port Richey, FL

I just found your wonderful site! The photos are beautiful and there's loads of information.

We live in Zone 9 in Central Florida, on the West coast. Our front and back yards are big but our beautiful Floratam lawn was lost to drought and is now comprised mainly of weeds and sand spurs which we keep mowed. At least it's somewhat green. It badly needs a good landscaping. However, we don't have the budget for that so I'm doing things in stages.

Our home faces south. We get some shade from a couple of Queen palms in the morning but then it's full sun from there. We have a low planter along the front of the house that stands 8" high and is 12" long. I have some Ixora in there now that aren't doing well so I want to relocate them. I'm considering Indian Hawthorne as I need a low, drought tolerant plant that will add greenery as well as flowers. I'm thinking of moving the Ixora to the East side of the house, which is bare, and putting in some taller plantings behind the Ixora. That's another project.

Would Indian Hawthorne be a good choice for the planter and if not, could you recommend something else? I love Dwarf Pink Oleander too but I don't think that would be wise since I have a child and there are children around our house frequently. Thank you for any advice you could provide.

Indian Hawthorn
by: Herbee

Hi Ann:
Herbee here. I would like to thank you for visiting this site, and also for the compliment.

A dwarf Indian Hawthorn would work very well in a planter. Radican Gardenia would also do well in a planter. It is a dwarf Gardenia. Some of the smaller versions of the Croton family would work.

Take a look in the tropics section and see if there is any other plant that may work for you. Thank you again for taking the time to visit my site and good luck to you.

If you need any other plant or landscaping suggestions, please feel free to contact me. If anyone else has some suggestions for Ann, please feel free to share it right here.

Pamela From Georgia

Mrs. Kimberly,

You are AMAZING! My Ruby Loropetalum continues to thrive.

It went from just a handful of leaves that were affected by something or another to more leaves. Now, my Ruby Loropetalum has many, many leaves and is looking lovely.

Here are the photos from shabby to healthy. Thanks again!

loropetalum success Shrub Out Of Shock Healhty Plant

Herbee and I would love to hear your comments on any of the topics. What are you planning for your gardens and landscape in the upcoming season? Are you trying to figure out what to plant in that small area? Deciding on whether to create a bed of just evergreen shrubs or maybe incorporating some flowering deciduous shrubs?

Let us know what other topics in the world of landscaping you would like to talk about. If you don't want to leave a comment, but have a question, head on over to the ask a question, get the answer section. Here is a sample of how Kate asked the question, and got the answer.

We look forward to hearing from you and may you have great success with your outdoor investment.

By Kat Stopar (Racine, WI)

These are not new shrubs....they are approx. 10 years old, same as the house we just purchased. I have searched online and got several answers as to when to prune these.

One site says remember to "prune in June". Another says late winter or early spring. http://www.uri.edu/ce/factsheets/sheets/evergreenprune.html

Your site says different.

Now I am really confused. Can you help shed a bit of light on this and why the different recommendations? I do not want to harm these but they really need reshaping. We are in Zone 5 (WI).

Thank you, Kat Stopar

Pruning Yews And Junipers

Herbee here. Thank you for asking your question on pruning your Yews and Junipers.

Both of these shrub specimens can follow the general rule of thumb of properly pruning in fall, or early spring. These are evergreens and the main objective in late fall is to prune before they begin slowing down their winter growth pattern. You live in a zone where the ground freezes, but you can even prune after your first frost.

Once these two plant specimens are established like yours are, you can maintain their growth and health by actually pruning twice a year. The Yew and Junier family are very hardy and durable when matured. We have pruned my clients either in late fall or early spring. If the weather is rainy or a lot of snow in the winter months, if you have pruned in fall, go ahead and prune in spring after the new growth is established.

Go ahead and prune back and shape as desired now. Many Web sites have different opinions on pruning, but as professional landscapers and designers, unless we know of a specie that requires pruning after flowering or a specific time, we recommend pruning in the fall or early spring. Your main objective is never to prune a shrub until new growth is well established.

We hope this clarifies your pruning issue and thanks again for asking the question here at Gardening With Herbee. Feel free to ask a question anytime.
Have a great day.

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