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Butterfly Garden Creates A Mass Of Color

A Butterfly garden can create a mass of color using flowers and shrubs. Every year new varieties of flowers and shrubs are being propagated to ensure this type of garden will continue to produce vibrant colors for you to enjoy.

The question you might be asking is, "what can I plant and how big should this garden be?" This garden project can be very simple by using a small or large quantity of different colorful perennial or annual flowers. Combine flowers with evergreen or ornamental deciduous shrubs, will give you a mixture of shades and textures. Let's talk about planning the garden and where to create the landscape area.

Some butterfly gardens enhance an open space. Consider a defined bed and the garden takes on an informal appearance. The border of the garden can have natural rocks. Do a garden by creating a small area and define a bed with a circle or rectangle shape. Always remember to prepare the bed properly before planting any shrubs or flowers.

Butterfly Bush

You will attract butterflies by mass planting each flower or shrub. Staggering the plants will also help in attracting a male, female adult, as well as an adolescent. Of course one of the most important shrub is a butterfly bush. Think of this style area with bright colors of red, orange, pink, yellow and lush green leaves using shrubs and trees.

The flowers on this bush come in light or dark purple and yellow. Trim these bushes back in the fall and they will bloom full the following growing season. Many varieties of flowers need partial or full sun. Azaleas are wonderful shrubs for attracting these species, but do need some shade. Consider planting near some trees. There are many different kinds of trees that will bring a variety of butterflies to your garden.

Some popular trees to consider are Poplar, Ash, Apple, Lilac, Elm, Aspen, Birch, Cherry, Tulip, and a Willow. The Weeping Willow brings a different texture and shape to the garden. These trees grow in a wide range of climatic zones.

Yellow And Orange Hibiscus And Day Lily

Yellow Hibiscus
Day Lily
Orange Hibiscus

Flowers are one of the biggest ingredients for a successful garden. Butterflies are attracted to the nectar of the flower. They look for color as well as taste from the nectar. Planting different flowers blooming at various times of the year, will give you a full season of enjoyment. Consider planting flowering herbs such as Rosemary, Chives, and Basil. Their aroma sends off signals. Below are a few pictures of popular flowers that will surely attract a diverse number of butterflies. Plant each of these flowers in mass throughout the garden. Add a group of Azaleas, along with some Chinese Pizazz. Azaleas will bloom in the springtime, but Encore Azaleas bloom in the spring and again in the fall.

The Chinese Pizazz can produce blooms throughout the spring, summer and fall. A mass of Jasmine planted along a fence or on a trellis provides radiant color in spring and summer. Different varieties of lilies bloom in spring, summer, and fall. Coneflowers will grow in many different zones and the blooms appear in late spring through autumn. Hibiscus is a warmer climate flower but the different colors provide a lot of contrast to a butterfly garden.

Cone, Red Azaleas, Chinese Pizazz, Jasmine Flowers And Shrubs

Coneflower Red Azaleas Chinese Pizazz Mass Of Jasmine

Add a few small outdoor features such as a pot of mint, and you will find the butterflies nestling up and enjoying the aroma. A small fountain surrounded by decorative rocks will bring a tranquil mood to the garden. You can make this garden as one big colorful mass or create a pathway or two to enter the area. This type of garden is truly one of beauty but also for you to view year after year.

Use any of these examples or other flowers, few shrubs, herbs, and trees and create a breath taking area for you, your friends and family. Butterflies have declined in recent years due to habitat change in clearing land for businesses and new homes. Not only will you be able to enjoy this area, and the butterflies will have a wonderful place to come and visit.

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