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Bougainvillea - Ti Plant - Powderpuff

The Bougainvillea, Ti, and Powderpuff plants are three very unique tropical beauties. These three plant specimens are found in tropical paradises throughout South America, Europe, as well as the sub - tropical climates in the United States.

A warm climate plant is considered tropical where there is no frost and temperatures are in the 70's and 80's during the day and high humidity. The nights range in the 60's to near 70 degrees. Most of these tropical specimens will grow and mature in zones nine through twelve. Some of them can survive in zones seven and eight if brought indoors in the colder months.

Red Gorgeous Flowers

Red Bougainvilleas Flowers

Full Bougainvillea Shrub


The Bougainvillea is a very popular plant in zones ten and eleven and native to South America, particularly Brazil. This specie will also survive in zone nine.

This plant is considered an evergreen and one of its features is being drought tolerant. Many tropical locations have long periods without rain. Many locations also have a rainy season where the monsoons or tropical rainstorms will be prevalent. The Bougainvillea can handle both dry and wet conditions.

It will mature anywhere from fourteen to thirty five or forty feet tall and also as wide. You can prune the plant into a shrub form or let it grow naturally as a vine. It is great on a trellis or decorative wall. The dwarf form will do well in a container garden.

Questions From Our Readers

Herbee Greenthumb
By Jacque, Somerton, Arizona

Gophers have eaten the roots of my Natal Plum and a large Tecoma along side. I have three well established Bougainvillea. Is it possible they will eat them too.

Hi Jacque, Herbee here. Gophers are one of the most destructive little creatures on root systems with many different plant specimens. There are a couple of solutions you can look at. One is trying to rid the creatures yourself. There is a plant you can use, or chemicals. You can also get a professional to assess the damage and offer suggestions.

My recommendation is to contact your local nursery and get their advice. If the problem isn't taken care of, the gophers will spread and destroy root systems with your other plants.

Here is a site that may give you a better understanding of the options you have. I would try and take care of the gopher problem as soon as possible. Thanks Jacque for asking this question, and the best to you. Let us know what you decide. United Wildlife

Here is another comment.

About the only thing I have found that gophers won't chew the roots off of are cactus plants, most types. They don't bother my large cactus with round leaves and no thorns. These also need very little watering and grow to about 4 feet tall. Make nice border plants. I'm in Southern California.

By Suzette, Tucson Arizona

I want to know if I can plant a mesquite tree and bougainvillea so they will grow together? can anyone help thanks

Hi Suzette, The Bougainvillea has different root systems then the Mesquite trees. I have never heard of planting them together to cross breed.

My suggestion is to possibly experiment with smaller versions and see what happens. I will experiment with different plant specimens and see how they develop. Living in Arizona, you have dry conditions. You will have to be careful with the Bougainvillea, as it really is considered a sub-tropical and tropical plant. Make sure you properly prepare your soil for both species. Light and water requirements need to be perfected, also.

Question: Are the Bougainvillea roots strong enough to damage an in-ground pool?

I have a very small yard with an in-ground pool, I would like to plant them next to the pool, but I am wondering if the root system will damage my pool. Thanks for your input.

Hi, Master Plant Grower here. The root systems of Bougainvilleas are weak but they will go deep once established. They will also spread out and grow. I recommend to clients not to plant them by walkways or doorways.

A great solution for you if you want to plant some Bougainvillea is to plant dwarf varieties. There are several available and they will only grow a couple of feet. The dwarf will give you the color you are looking for, yet manageable. I would recommend to you the dwarf variety for around your pool.

By Gustavo Barboni, New Jersey, USA

I have a Bougainvillea which gave 3 sons, they are about one third of the mother size which I know is big enough for transplanting; but I don't know when is a good time to do it. Thank you.

Hi Gustavo, Bougainvillea like other tropical plants should be divided before new growth starts. This would be a good time of year in your geographical area. You will want to tip the plant on its side, loosen the dirt, and carefully take out the main root or tap root. With your fingers gently divide the root trying to not break any of the smaller roots. Have your pots ready and use good quality potting soil. With tropical plants, I recommend adding sand to the soil mixture. Make sure you keep them in sunlight for at least six hours a day, and well watered.

By Angela Drummond, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

How to take care Bougainvillea in Vancouver if I can grow them in Vancouver?

Hi Angela, Bougainvillea is a tropical plant that will do well in zones nine through eleven. It won't do well in cool or colder climates outside. You could consider a dwarf variety that will mature around two feet tall for your indoors. This plant specimen will survive inside if you get a dwarf variety.

By John Miller, Laredo, TX

I live in south Texas and have a Bougainvillea that I was thinking of rejuvenation pruning. How long would it take to grow back to 5 ft.? When should I do this pruning?

Hi John, The Bougainvillea is a very popular plant in your zone and tropical climates. It can be pruned any time of year. You can prune it back to hedge form or let it grow naturally. It grows at a normal rate, so it is up to you how much you want to trim back. This shrub is very durable and easy to maintain. Always make sure you prune at an angle, and never straight across.

Many tropical plants thrive in containers. The flowers range in color of red, orange yellow, purple tones, white and fuchsia. In a garden, the Bougainvillea can create a splendid look as a border or hedge row. It looks great combined with some varieties of palms.

Make sure you give it full sun. Also, sandy and well drained soil is a plus. There are some varieties that have thorns, which is okay with Herbee, but he doesn't recommend planting them near walkways or entrance ways.

Ti Plant

Close Up Ti Plant
Ti Plant

The Ti Plant is native to Eastern Asia and is a popular plant specimen for a container garden as well as foundation planting. The Ti plant is great for zones ten and eleven and will survive in zones nine. This plant specimen has many varieties and the size will vary. It can mature anywhere from three feet to fourteen feet high and three to eight feet wide.

The Ti likes part sun to partial shade and is medium drought tolerant. This is considered an upright plant and is noted for its long and full leaves. The leaves are rich in color and can be a ruby red tone or variegated yellow and green. This is also considered an evergreen in tropical locations.

It's a great accent plant in any style garden and striking with the Silver Buttonwood. Pruning the Ti will help produce new branches. These branches can be planting in soil for multiple plants. The Ti does well in most soil conditions.

Powderpuff Bush

Red Powderpuff Plant
Powderpuff Plant

The Powderpuff is a great addition to your gardens or landscape. Buy today, and enjoy in the future for years to come! This specimen attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. It loves full sun and will also grow in most soil conditions.

The Powderpuff thrives in zones nine through eleven and is native to Brazil and other South American countries. This plant will do well in warmer climates in Europe as well as the United States. The Powderpuff can grow eight to ten feet high as well as eight to ten feet wide. It is an evergreen and also a fast grower.

The flowers on a Powderpuff present a unique appearance. This is another great plant specimen to accent around solid evergreens and Palm trees. It can be planted as a hedge row, privacy screen, along a bank or slope, and also mass planting in a garden area. The flowers have a nice aroma. Putting a bench near the the Powderpuff will add hours of enjoyment all year long.

The Bougainvillea, Ti, and Powderpuff are only three examples of colorful accent plants in tropical locations. See more specimens below.

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