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Gardening With Herbee

Welcome to gardening with Herbee. Buzzing around is your very own host, Herbee Greenthumb!

Do you know what's hot in gardening today? Well search no further, Herbee is here to give you an indepth look at many different aspects of gardening and landscaping. Herbee has one goal in mind, to make sure your outdoor investment results in healthy plants, beautiful gardens, and enjoyment for years to come.

Budget is a major issue on everyone's minds today. When you think about gardening, you may be saying to yourself, "What size of an area and plants would be good choices for my soil? How do I know the maturity of each plant?" Take a look below and you will see Herbee has laid out different plans and solutions.

Herbee's Getting Ready To:

Share Insights And Solutions

  1. Find out about the PPP Method (your overall plan)
  2. Plant identification
  3. Different evergreen and deciduous plants
  4. Care for your gardens
  5. Issues that come up and solutions just for you
  6. Accents and accessories
  7. Learn how to properly prune
  8. Best time to trim shrubs and trees
  9. Complimentary planting
  10. Garden terms
  11. Photos galore of so many plants
  12. Warm weather plant varieties
  13. Herbs and different spices
  14. Much more garden buzz, right here

Head Over To The Gardens

Herbee Heading To Gardens

Plan Ahead, Different Options And Information

Understand the importance of this order; plan, prep, and plant! Herbe can't wait to share his insights with you.

The Crepe Myrtle tree looks wonderful in a backyard landscape. Get other garden ideas for your own space.

Put plants together that compliment each other in color and texture. Great way to accent your outdoor beds.

Landscape articles shares different topics to get your creative juices flowing. An Azaleas walkway is one.

Pictures - Insights Into The World Of Plants

Year around plants gives you many options for colorful gardens. Take a look at these evergreens.

Deciduous Plants die out in colder weather, and return when it warms up. Many ideas for vibrant flowering shrubs and trees.

Flowers add completion to your gardens and landscape. Pictures of perennial and annual flowers, and more.

One of Herbee's favorite plant family, Herbs! Learn the entire process from growing to harvesting.

Spices provide great flavoring in many different dishes today. Find out more about the plants you can grow.

The Bougainvillea is one gorgeous warm climate specimen. Many tropical plants do well indoors in cooler climates. Check out your options.

A wide variety of plants from all over the world. A to Z specimens waiting for you.

Problem Solving Your Gardens

Herbee takes a look at your problem, and gives you his expert advice to solve the issue. Find out what other people are asking.

Ask Herbee a question, and get the answer. Show your gardens off!

A section for you to gain knowledge about gardens and other areas of landscaping.

Accessories For Your Gardens

Decorative Dry Rock Bed
Outdoor Features

Bird baths, decorative ponds, decorative containers are just a few.

The world of landscape and gardens can be rewarding and a positive investment to you. Herbee would like to thank you for being here today. He can't wait for you to come again.


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